How To Get Beautiful Short Hair

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How To Get Beautiful Short Hair
How To Get Beautiful Short Hair

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Any woman dreams of her irresistibility, individuality and luxurious hairstyle! But not everyone can afford to constantly visit hairdressing salons. To solve this problem, there are various instructions that will help you do any hairstyle at home. Yes, for a short haircut, if you dream up, you can come up with different styling options.

How to get beautiful short hair
How to get beautiful short hair

It is necessary

Comb, hot curling iron, styling gel or other spray, wax or hair gel, clips, bobby pins or hairpins


Step 1

Comb your hair well. Separate the front part of the hair from the rest from ear to ear. Then make a side parting on it.

Step 2

Clips in the front of your hair to keep it out of the way. If you don't have special clips, you can use regular hairpins or crab pins.

Step 3

Apply the styling product to loose hair, then roll it very tightly at the back and crown of the head around the hot tongs, away from the face.

Step 4

Apply wax or gel to the front of your hair. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, use the product at the level of hold you need. Comb your hair gently behind your ears.

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