How To Cut Short Hair

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How To Cut Short Hair
How To Cut Short Hair

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It is very useful to be able to do your own haircut on short hair. After all, having once learned, you can conjure over the hairstyles of girlfriends and relatives. And in the future, this will allow you to get additional income.

How to cut short hair
How to cut short hair

It is necessary

  • - regular and thinning scissors;
  • - straight comb with frequent teeth;
  • - hairpins.


Step 1

Wash or just slightly wet your hair and comb it well. Then divide them into zones. Pin the formed strands on the frontal-parietal part of the head (from the forehead to the crown of the head, the so-called "mohawk zone").

Step 2

Start trimming at the temples. Highlight the strand with a horizontal parting and trim it. Pull the next one a little higher, pull it together with the first at an angle of 45 ° and, focusing on the first strand, cut it. Thus, cut all the strands in the temporal zone.

Step 3

Carry out the edging of the temples, relying on your ideas about what kind of haircut should be in this area. You can cut your temples off with a corner, or leave them long, or cut your temporal hair in a light semicircle. Or in a straight line from the eyebrows to the earlobe. When designing the second temporal zone, make sure that the hairstyle is symmetrical.

Step 4

Continue to pull the strands of hair perpendicular to the head and cut them, moving gradually from the temporal zone to the back of the head. Comb the strands a few centimeters thick, grabbing some hair from the previous one to cut a new one along it. Increase the length of the hair at the back of the head a little. In this way, treat the entire occipital region to the middle. Trim the other side in the same order.

Step 5

Comb the bottom of the hair at the back of the head and cut to the required length. Next, separate the vertical strands (already trimmed) at the back of the head so that they capture the cut off the lower part of the hair, and cut, ensuring that the upper long strands smoothly transition into the lower, short ones.

Step 6

Take care of the design of the parietal region. Take a section of hair along the side parting, grabbing part of the trimmed hair with it, pull it slightly perpendicular to the head and trim to match the trimmed hair.

Step 7

Comb all the hair of the parietal zone forward and complete the desired edging (bangs). Use the comb to brush over the top of your head, removing sharp transitions.

Step 8

Comb through the entire head again in all directions, trimming off any abrupt transitions and excess hairs. To give your hairstyle the look of a truly professional haircut, use thinning scissors through your hair, cutting 2 to 3 cm in length.

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