What Hairstyle Can Be Done On Short Fluffy Hair

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What Hairstyle Can Be Done On Short Fluffy Hair
What Hairstyle Can Be Done On Short Fluffy Hair

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Short and fluffy hair is one of the most difficult combinations to style. Nevertheless, with a certain skill and a properly selected haircut, you can make a beautiful and at the same time stylish hairstyle from them.

What hairstyle can be done on short fluffy hair
What hairstyle can be done on short fluffy hair

Hairstyle options for every day

One of the main basics of any hairstyle is properly styled hair. Then it will be possible to do any styling with them. So, to style a bob, bob or shorter haircut, you should wash your hair, dab your hair well and apply a little mousse to the strands to create volume. Then you need to part in the right place, which is more suitable for the shape of the face and dry the strands with a hairdryer.

At the same time, for short hair, unlike long hair, it is better to use a round comb with stiff bristles and pull it strand by strand, otherwise the hair will fluff up from the air flow even more. At the end, dry strands should be wound on a brush and held for a while, setting the temperature of the device to cold mode.

In this case, the hairstyle will retain volume, but will not look too airy and disheveled.

Another option for women's styling for every day is elongated hair, which looks very stylish with a short length. To do this, you should also wash your head and then dry it thoroughly with a hairdryer or naturally. After that, you need to apply a thermal protective agent to the curls, and then pull them out with an iron strand by strand. At the end, to fix the hairstyle, you need to take a little wax on your hand, rub it between your palms and run them through your hair. And then just comb the finished styling.

Evening hairstyles options

For evening styling of short and lush hair, of course, large curls are best suited. To make them, you can take regular or large-diameter heat rollers. The latter should be wrapped only on dry hair. The hair must be divided into central, left and right parts. It is better to wind the first one from the face to the back of the head, and the strands on the sides - from the crown of the head to the ears. The finished curls can be combed, but it is better to just spread them out with your hands and sprinkle the hair with nail polish to fix it.

For a less festive occasion, you can create the effect of wet hair by applying a little gel to the strands while still wet and leaving them to dry naturally without combing.

From shoulder-length hair, you can make a French bun, or, as it is also called, a shell. To do this, the hair, pre-dried and stretched with a hair dryer, should be collected at the back of the head, then slowly laid in such a way that their shape begins to resemble a shell. It is best to fix such a hairstyle with hairpins that match the color of the hair. And you can decorate it with a beautiful and stylish comb or even fresh flowers, if they are appropriate for a festive event.

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