How To Restore And Strengthen Hair

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How To Restore And Strengthen Hair
How To Restore And Strengthen Hair

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Hair, like skin, is a mirror image of the internal state of the body, so if the once beautiful and shiny mop suddenly faded or became rare, it is necessary to put it in order from the inside. Intensive care and various strengthening masks will be an excellent addition to hair restoration.

How to restore and strengthen hair
How to restore and strengthen hair

It is necessary

  • - vitamins;
  • - vegetable, burdock, cedar and burdock oil;
  • - sea salt.


Step 1

Vitamin deficiency is one of the common causes of hair loss, dryness and brittleness. Chronic lack of essential substances causes metabolic, endocrine and other disorders, which in turn affect the condition of the hair. Therefore, the first step towards their health is vitamin therapy for 1, 5 months.

Step 2

To restore and strengthen hair, pay great attention to nutrition and, above all, exclude harmful products that contribute to the increased excretion of vitamins and minerals from the body. These are sausages, fresh baked goods, any sweets, sugar, carbonated drinks, chips, croutons and products containing preservatives, dyes, taste substitutes, tea and coffee in large quantities.

Step 3

Be sure to include protein foods in your diet. It is essential for hair growth. Therefore, cook fish, chicken, beef meat of your choice 3-4 times a week. Fermented milk products are also a source of protein. Fresh vegetable salads are also helpful. The most affordable is cabbage. Add various greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, grated carrots to it, and fill with unrefined vegetable oils to increase the nutritional value.

Step 4

In addition to the main healthy menu, eat foods with a high vitamin composition. These are honey, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, yeast, seaweed, any fruit, whole-grain cereals. Drink a decoction of rose hips with honey, green tea, nettle decoction, carrot juice, sea buckthorn or cranberry juice, compotes, mineral water, kefir.

Step 5

In addition to proper nutrition and vitamin therapy, apply warm oil compresses and scalp massage with sea salt to strengthen and grow hair. Each of these methods affects the hair follicle in its own way. But the result is the same - beautiful, elastic and shiny strands.

Step 6

For an oil compress, add 2 tbsp. any unrefined vegetable oil, 2 drops of cedar, rosemary and burdock oil. Preheat to 40 ° C. In a warm form, draw into a syringe without a needle and apply to the roots, then wrap the hair with oilcloth and a terry towel. The generated heat will expand the blood vessels in the skin, due to which the effect of nutrients will be more intense.

Step 7

The scalp massage with sea salt can be performed before and after washing. Apply salt to damp skin. This will increase the absorption of the nutrients found in seafood. It is best to perform this procedure while bending over the bathtub, since even if it is carried out carefully, the salt will wake up. After 5-10 minutes after the massage, rinse your head with warm water and nettle decoction.

Step 8

Hair condition depends not only on internal nutrition and external care, but also on lifestyle. Therefore, for the sake of healthy hair, observe the regime of work and rest, do not allow physical inactivity and chronic lack of sleep, as it leads to nervous exhaustion, which again affects the hair.

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