How To Strengthen Your Hair

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How To Strengthen Your Hair
How To Strengthen Your Hair

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How to strengthen your hair? A similar question is asked by many women and girls. And this is not in vain, since thick and strong hair is not only an indicator of female beauty, but also a sign of a healthy body. Everyone dreams of this wealth, however, not everyone has it.

How to strengthen your hair
How to strengthen your hair

It is necessary

  • - herbal decoctions;
  • - natural oils;
  • - masks.


Step 1

Wash your hair in boiled water. If this is not possible, then rinse with different herbal decoctions: use the roots of burdock, nettle, chamomile, etc. Select the ingredients according to your hair type. You cannot wash your hair with too hot or cold water, while its temperature should be about 36-37 degrees.

Step 2

Do not over-wash your strands as they wash away the protective and nutrient substances, vitamins and moisture. Hair will simply lose its shine.

Step 3

Rubbing natural oils into your scalp is one of the most effective ways. As a rule, it can be castor, sea buckthorn, burdock and other oils, as well as their mixture. Carefully rub the product into the hair roots, then put on a special cellophane hat, then wrap it up with a towel and wait 50 minutes. Then wash it off. Repeat this procedure 2 times a week to improve hair structure.

Step 4

Do not use metal or plastic combs. Better to use these objects made of wood, preferably with a massage effect (there are small balls on the teeth of the comb).

Step 5

How else to strengthen your hair? Use warm water and beaten eggs instead of shampoo. Apply it 2 times and then wash off. This method is suitable for oily hair. Wash your hair properly. This must be done in the direction of the strands, without pulling them. In this case, lather only the hair roots, and rinse the ends with the resulting foam during rinsing.

Step 6

One of the most famous hair strengthening masks is prepared like this: one spoonful of honey, as well as the yolk and any ingredient of your choice, based on what is available at home. For example, it can be tincture of red pepper, castor oil, burdock oil and plus one crushed garlic clove. Rub this mixture into the skin, wrap with a towel and then rinse off after an hour.

Step 7

Grate the onion, then squeeze the juice out of this mass through cheesecloth. Massage this liquid into your scalp overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

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