How To Restore The Previous Hair Color

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How To Restore The Previous Hair Color
How To Restore The Previous Hair Color

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Girls sometimes wonder how to restore their natural hair color. Experts have developed special tools that will help return the previous shade.

Natural hair color
Natural hair color


Step 1

Sometimes, when experimenting with hair, girls may not like the final result. In this case, you will need to carry out a procedure to restore the natural shade. There are special emulsions that can remove artificial pigments from the hair. Manufacturers do not recommend using a wash on the scalp.

Step 2

The wash consists of several preparations: a reducing agent, a catalyst and a neutralizer. It is necessary to quickly apply the mixture to the hair. With its help, you can make the shade of your hair two tones lighter. The instructions must be followed exactly. This is a guarantee that you will certainly succeed.

Step 3

If you have bleached hair, then the remover will not be able to restore your natural hair color. In this case, only growing can help. The wash does not harm your hair at all. After the procedure, they can acquire additional shine.

Step 4

A haircut is a cardinal method, it is perfect for those whose hair grows back quickly enough. This method is the most relevant of all. If you are the owner of dark blonde hair color, and were dyed light, you need to wait until the roots can grow to the desired length, then do a short haircut at the hairdresser.

Step 5

You just have to be patient while your hair grows back. It is possible that you will like the updated version. If you want to speed up the regrowth process, you can purchase special serums from a professional store. You can also use almond, coconut, or olive oil as a mask.

Step 6

You can try dyeing your hair with a dye similar to your natural hair color to bring back the previous shade. It is best to seek help from a master who has already carried out this procedure more than once. So you will hedge yourself and achieve the result you want. It should be added that after professional dyeing, your hair will acquire a noticeable shine. So it's worth a try.

Step 7

You can restore your natural hair color using folk recipes. To do this, you will need to prepare a mixture of castor, olive and almond oil. Then add kefir, cognac, and natural beer to the prepared mask. The mass must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair.

Step 8

Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave it on for a few hours. After a certain time, you just have to rinse off the mask and dry your hair with a hairdryer.

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