How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Color

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How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Color
How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Color
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How much you want to consolidate the effect when you just dyed your hair. You are pleased with their rich deep color and shine, the way they fit easily. But then a few days pass - and their shine fades. In order for the color of dyed hair to remain bright longer, several rules must be followed.

How to keep your dyed hair color
How to keep your dyed hair color


Step 1

Dyed hair requires special care, because its structure is changed and even damaged, no matter how dye manufacturers convince you otherwise. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase special products specifically for colored hair. Your best bet is to buy professional salon products used by hairdressers. They are, of course, more expensive, but they have a powerful effect. Use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. It will also be good if they are from the same manufacturer with your paint. In this case, the effect can be enhanced.

Step 2

Find shampoos that support a specific color. They are available for different types of colored hair, for both light and dark tones.

Step 3

Apply a special mask at least once a week. You can buy it from a salon where you dyed your hair or from a professional hairdresser's store. The mask will not only smooth out the scales, but also moisturize the hair.

Step 4

Do not wash dyed hair with hot water. It is best to use warm water when washing and rinse with almost cold water. These steps will help keep the color longer.

Step 5

Styling with a hot hairdryer is harmful for all hair, but for dyed hair it can be simply disastrous. Colored hair is drier and brittle anyway, and the hot air makes it dry. Exposure to high temperatures also deteriorates color, so use cold air when styling. It is not so fast, but it is more useful.

Step 6

The less styling products you use, the longer the color will last. Foams, gels, mousses, lotions and styling lacquers are not good for the color.

Step 7

In summer, especially at sea, protect your dyed hair from the sun. The sun's rays quickly destroy the color pigment, so cover your head with a scarf or hat. It is also helpful to use sunscreen shampoos or spray your hair with a product containing UV protection.

Step 8

All these steps will help, but if you want your hair color to always be perfect, you will have to dye it regularly enough. Ammonia-free paints can be used, but they are less durable.

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