How To Restore The Original Color After Staining

How To Restore The Original Color After Staining
How To Restore The Original Color After Staining

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When they get bored with their own hair color, women resort to dye. Fortunately, it was invented in such a number of shades that it is impossible not to choose the right one. And the paint is used to please the capricious fashion, sometimes blond, then black, then red, red and even dark blue. With such a kaleidoscope of flowers, it's no wonder that natural color is visible only at the roots.

How to restore the original color after staining
How to restore the original color after staining

One day, looking in the mirror, the lady decides to return her hair to its original color. How can we reverse the coloring process?

1. Wait for the hair to grow back by itself

The natural strip, which soon appears at the very roots, will become wider, and you will carefully cut the ends, thereby also making your hair healthy. The nuance of the method: the hairstyle will not look very beautiful, with a sharp contrast of two colors. It is not for nothing that they tint the roots, masking their difference in color. You can go a little differently, changing your hairstyle to a short one, then gradually lengthening it, along with the return of your native shade. But not every fashionista will make such sacrifices.

2. The second option is to repaint the entire hairstyle, waiting until the natural strands appear and picking up the paint to match

The procedure will be familiar, especially for those who often repainted. In this case, the main thing is to guess with the shade that will come out at the finish line.

3. In order not to wait long, the hair dye is washed off with a special agent

In strict accordance with the instructions, the wash is applied to the hair along the entire length and left for the specified amount of time. At the same time, long hair is not collected in a bun, leaving it loose. Otherwise, the paint will come off in places, remaining spots on the hair.


4. Kefir mask removes hair dye

2-3 tablespoons of low-fat kefir are warmed to a warm temperature suitable for contact with the scalp. Gather in the palm of your hand, apply from roots to ends of hair. You will have to endure the mask for an hour and a half, covering your hair with a plastic bag and hiding it under a scarf. Then the remains of kefir are washed off with warm running water. Several sessions - and the hair color is almost completely restored.

5. Color return is facilitated by tint rinsing

Light hair - chamomile, linden infusion; dark - oak bark, walnut leaves. The procedure is carried out after the usual washing, which, by the way, each time reduces the applied decorative color.

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