How To Cut Your Hair Straight

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How To Cut Your Hair Straight
How To Cut Your Hair Straight

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If you have sharp scissors, you don't need to visit a hairdresser every month to cut the ends of your hair. After all, it is quite possible to carry out this procedure yourself. The main thing is to know exactly how to do it.

How to cut your hair straight
How to cut your hair straight

How to cut your bangs yourself

To do this, you will need sharp scissors, an impressive mirror, a comb and crocodile-type hairpins. If you want, you can also make a spray bottle if you like cutting wet hair.

The simplest thing is to cut your bangs, they are clearly visible. When wetting the strands, do not forget that after drying, the hair will become a little shorter. Comb the bangs very well, turn the scissors parallel to the floor and cut off, starting at the center and then working down to the edges.

How to cut the ends of long hair straight

Straight, long and not too thick hair can be cut by dividing it into a parted part, after wetting and combing it. Cut one half first, throwing it over the chest, then the other. Just cut not all at once, but gradually.

If your hair is thick and lush, this method of cutting will not work. Comb them thoroughly and gather with an elastic band in a high ponytail. The tail needs to be thrown over the face and combed again, you can moisturize. Collect the ends and grasp with your left hand just above the potential cut. Trim gradually, comb again, and reassemble, checking for loose hairs.

Curls will require more effort, patience and skill. Divide them into a straight part, moisturize and comb. Select a narrow section on the side, and pin the rest of the hair. Keeping the scissors strictly horizontal, cut off the ends a little and make sure the cut is even. Then select another strand and, trying on the level of the first, trim.

Remove excess strands under the hairpins. Thus, strand by strand, even out all the hair, then comb. In your case, small blemishes will hide behind large curls.

If you only need to cut split ends, use the following tip. Separating along the curl, twist the strands into a flagellum. Only split ends will stick out of it, and you need to cut them off. This should be done with the strand along the entire length.

If you are worried about possible minor flaws that arise during work, purchase thinning scissors with which it is easy to profile the ends, then the hairstyle will look neat.

As you can see, cutting your hair yourself is not such a difficult task, or rather, when you need to trim the ends on long hair. For girls with short haircuts, this procedure will not work, so you still have to visit a hairdresser.

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