What Hair Color Suits The Summer Color Type

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What Hair Color Suits The Summer Color Type
What Hair Color Suits The Summer Color Type

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Choosing a new hair color, you don't want to experiment with your own appearance. It is desirable that the updated shade looks great and refreshes the face. When looking for paint, focus on your type of appearance to avoid mistakes.

What hair color suits the summer color type
What hair color suits the summer color type

Which girls belong to the summer color type

Summer is a color type that is most often found in Russia. For girls related to him, thin and delicate skin is characteristic, as a rule, pale or light olive. Aristocratic pallor is precisely about summer women. The color of the eyes of the owners of this type of appearance may vary. As a rule, it is these girls who say that their eyes change depending on their mood: in the morning they could be green, and in the evening they turned gray, like a sky covered with rain clouds. As a rule, people belonging to the summer color type have gray, green and light blue eyes. The natural hair color of these girls can vary from light brown to light brown.

The skin of summer girls is very thin. Vessels can shine through it. As a rule, such girls easily burn in the sun and are forced to constantly moisturize their face.

If you are in doubt about your color type, pay attention to the colors of the clothes that suit you. Despite the fact that summer is a hot season, people with this type are the owners of a cold appearance. They suit cool pastel shades, as well as all shades of purple and gray, cold shades of red, the color of noble wine, blue and fuchsia.

Hair color for girls-summer

If you are convinced that your appearance fits the description of the summer color type, it makes sense to choose a hair color, focusing on what shades go to people with an appearance similar to yours. In addition, summer women often have unremarkable mouse-colored hair, and hair coloring is an easy way to make your appearance brighter and more expressive.

Based on the shades that are most often found in the summer color type, you have at your disposal the cold part of the palette from light blond to chestnut with an ash tint. Pearl, light or light brown color with a silver tint, noble ash will suit you.

If in doubt about the choice of paint, try a light brown hair. It suits the vast majority of representatives of the summer color type.

What colors should not be dyed hair

There are also a number of colors that will not paint a summer girl. Bright colors will not suit you: red and red will visually add several years to you. In addition, dark brown, chocolate and black are contraindicated for you. These colors can ruin your delicate appearance. If your skin has a yellow tint, it is not recommended to become blonde, for owners of light brown eyes that are not very typical for summer, it is better not to lighten their hair.

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