How To Dye Your Hair Yourself

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How To Dye Your Hair Yourself
How To Dye Your Hair Yourself

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Modern hair dyes allow a woman to radically change her image or add new accents to her usual look. By choosing high-quality dyes based on natural ingredients, you can help your hair cope with some problems. If they are thin and brittle, and besides, you are worried about dandruff, use natural henna. Dyeing your hair yourself is not difficult.

How to dye your hair yourself
How to dye your hair yourself

It is necessary

  • Henna
  • Latex gloves
  • Plastic bag
  • Terry towel
  • Hot water
  • Kefir
  • Olive oil
  • Egg yolk
  • Instant coffee
  • Tea
  • Onion peel or chamomile
  • Hairbrush
  • Foam rubber or shaving brush
  • Ceramic or glass dishes


Step 1

Choose a henna-based dye for your hair. Usually, by combining dried leaves of lawsonia and other herbs, not only the usual red color is obtained, but also brown, chestnut, black and some other shades. To see what your final hair color will look like, cut off a small section of hair in an inconspicuous area and color it.

Step 2

Purchase homogeneous henna powder. It is believed that the best result is obtained from natural Indian henna, moreover, grown on the plantations of Rajasthan (it gives the effect of conditioning) or Gujarat. Cheap Iranian henna is usually less cleaned and does not give a deep and saturated hair color.Before you dye your hair, be sure to conduct a simple test for the quality of henna - fill the powder with water. No film should form on its surface.

Step 3

Dilute henna or a dye based on it with hot water (but not boiling water!) In a ceramic or glass container. Stir the mixture thoroughly into a homogeneous mass so that there are no lumps left. For short hair, a bag of henna is usually enough; for long hair, always take a dye with a margin. So, for hair up to the middle of the back, you need about 20 tablespoons full of herbal powder.

Step 4

Wear rubber gloves (otherwise your nails will stain!). Then apply the diluted henna to washed, damp hair with a piece of foam rubber or a shaving brush until the gruel has cooled down. Part your hair into not too thick strands and apply the dye first to the hair roots, then along their entire length. After all the dye has been applied to your hair, comb it out with a wide-toothed comb from roots to ends. Henna is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Massage your scalp lightly with gloved fingers.

Step 5

Make a warming cap: put a polyethylene bag over your head, wrap a terry towel turban on top. Keep the henna on your hair depending on what color depth and saturation you want to get. You need to know some rules:

• Dark hair should be dyed for 3-4 hours.

• Light - 25-30 minutes is enough.

• Sparse hair will be colored faster than thick hair.

Step 6

Use available products for rich, natural-looking hair.

• Dilute henna in a strong tea brew or add a tablespoon of instant coffee to the powder. Get a chocolatey coffee shade.

• Boil the onion peel (or chamomile flowers) for 15 minutes, strain and stir in the henna broth obtained. This will give your hair a golden hue.

• Mix henna with hot water and kefir to add shine to your hair.

• Shiny and thick hair can be obtained by regularly dyeing it with this mixture: henna, egg yolk, 10 g of olive oil.

Step 7

Rinse the henna thoroughly with warm water. Do not wash your hair with shampoo earlier than after 3 days! Otherwise, the necessary exposure to oxygen on the dye will not occur, and you will wash it off your hair. Chemical dye can be used after a month; after using chemical dye, wait the same amount of time before dyeing your hair with henna again.

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