How To Dye Long Hair

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How To Dye Long Hair
How To Dye Long Hair

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Psychologists believe that changing hair color is the simplest way to change your life. Many women prefer to save on hair coloring by doing it at home. Long hair can be a problem in this case.

How to dye long hair
How to dye long hair

Preparatory procedures

First of all, you need to choose the right paint. Buy formulations from well-known manufacturers, if you are not sure of the right shade, be sure to read the instructions, which usually indicate how the color on your hair will behave. Always buy the required amount of paint, if the manufacturer advises to buy two packs for your length, buy two. Otherwise, you may dye your hair unevenly or simply not get the desired shade.

Always follow the directions, use gloves, observe the specified time to cure the dye on the hair. Before you start coloring, apply a greasy cream or petroleum jelly to the skin of the temples, neck and forehead. Apply it, stepping back from the hairline by a millimeter, try not to touch the hair. This procedure will make it easy to remove paint that has gotten on the skin, as the oil will prevent it from absorbing and fixing.

Staining technique

Divide your hair into four sections using parting. The first parting should go from the forehead to the back of the head, the second from one ear to the other through the crown. The strands should be approximately the same. Secure them with special clips or hairpins. Then start applying paint, first you need to apply it along the parting, then you need to process the back of the head. Apply the composition with short, light strokes. Process all the strands, gradually freeing them from the hairpins.

After you have treated the entire root zone, start dyeing your hair towards the ends, if you are uncomfortable doing this with a brush, you can try to distribute the paint with your hands (they must be wearing gloves). Do not spare paint. Try to paint over all the strands as thoroughly as possible. It is advisable to keep within 10-15 minutes to get a beautiful and even shade.

The right paint brush makes the process much easier. It can be bought in specialty stores, or found in packs of expensive paints. With this brush, the paint is distributed over the hair more evenly, the color looks natural. For long hair it is better to use a wide brush.

After keeping the necessary time, rinse the hair dye. This must be done very carefully, try to wash strand by strand along the entire length. Be sure to use a special balm after staining, it will fix the color, make it more alive. It is advisable not to wash your hair for several days after the color change, so that the paint is firmly fixed. To keep the color as long as possible, use special caring shampoos and rinses.

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