How To Get Short Haircuts

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How To Get Short Haircuts
How To Get Short Haircuts

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It is very useful to learn how to make short haircuts on your own. Having learned once, you can constantly cut your girlfriends or mom's hair, significantly saving the family budget, and maybe even making money on it. If you manage to set aside a few quiet hours for this, when no one will distract you, then even the first hairstyle will turn out to be successful and will please not only you, but also the owner of the hair.

How to get short haircuts
How to get short haircuts

It is necessary

  • - scissors (regular and thinning);
  • - straight comb with fine teeth;
  • - hairpins.


Step 1

Wash or wet hair, comb well. Divide all hair into zones and pin the strands of the frontal-parietal zone (in the "mohawk" zone from the forehead to the crown)

Step 2

Start trimming your temples. To do this, select a strand with a horizontal parting and trim it. Pull the next strand higher, pull it out at an angle of 45? together with the first one and cut it, focusing on the first strand. Trim all strands of the temporal zone in the same way

Step 3

Make the edging of the temples in accordance with your idea of ​​what should be a haircut in this area. You can keep the temples long, or cut them in a corner, and if you like a bob cut, cut your temporal hair in a straight or light semicircle from earlobe to eyebrows. When trimming the second temporal zone, make sure that the haircut is symmetrical

Step 4

Continue to pull the hair perpendicular to the head and cut, moving from the temporal zone to the back of the head. Comb out strands a few centimeters thick, grabbing a small part of the previous strand to cut a new one along it. At the back of the head, increase the length of the strands slightly. In the same way, trim the entire back of the head to the middle. Cut the other side in the same order

Step 5

Comb through the bottom hair of the nape and cut to the required length

Step 6

After that, take the vertical strands at the back of the head (already trimmed) so that they grab the lower part of the cut hair, and cut so that the long strands at the top smoothly merge into the short ones at the bottom

Step 7

Trim the parietal part of the head. To do this, take a section of hair along the side parting, grabbing part of the already trimmed hair with it, and pull it perpendicular to the head and cut it in accordance with the already trimmed hair

Step 8

Comb all the hair in the parietal zone forward and add the desired fringing (bangs). Use a comb along the top of your head to remove any harsh transitions

Step 9

Comb through the entire head again in all directions to trim off excess hairs and abrupt transitions. To make your hairstyle look truly professional, go through the hair with thinning scissors, cutting off 2 - 3 cm from the length.

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