How To Get Rid Of Black Hair

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How To Get Rid Of Black Hair
How To Get Rid Of Black Hair

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Nowadays, hair color has become part of the image. Therefore, their coloring firmly entered the life of a modern person. And if you are a burning brunette, and tomorrow you want to become a blonde - this is natural. You just need to know that hair color is determined by the level of melanin. And the more there is, the darker your hair. Therefore, to lighten them, it is necessary to destroy the natural pigment. For this purpose, bleaching agents are usually used. They contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which neutralize the hair's natural pigment.

How to get rid of black hair
How to get rid of black hair

It is necessary

Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, glycerin, gloves, cotton pad, slightly alkaline detergent


Step 1

Put gloves on your hands and prepare a blend to lighten your hair. The dishes for it should not be metal, in order to avoid an undesirable reaction of active oxygen and metal. If you have thin hair, then add 9 parts of water to one part of peroxide, for hair of medium thickness - add 6 parts of water to 2 parts of the product. And if you are the owner of thick hair, then take 6 parts of water for 4 parts of peroxide. Add 6-8 drops of ammonia and 5-6 drops of glycerin to hydrogen peroxide. This mixture should be sufficient for medium length hair.

Step 2

Then apply the resulting solution evenly with a cotton pad on the hair, paying special attention to the roots and temporal part of the head. Bleaching is a serious procedure that has a negative effect on hair. Therefore, you should not wash your hair before this procedure. The oil secreted by the scalp will soften the effects of the bleaching agents.

Step 3

The procedure should last no more than 30 minutes. At the end, the hair should be rinsed with a slightly alkaline detergent solution. Finally, rinse them with acidified water (lemon juice can be added instead of vinegar).

Step 4

To give your hair a shine, rinse it with chamomile infusion. Add 1 teaspoon of raw materials to a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes and strain. Finally, dry your hair with a terry towel. This procedure should be carried out several times at weekly intervals. So that the skin has time to accumulate fat for the next discoloration.

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