What Is Keratin Straightening

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What Is Keratin Straightening
What Is Keratin Straightening

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Well-groomed, healthy, beautiful hair is the dream of women. Improper nutrition, constant stress negatively affects the hair. In the struggle for the beauty of hair, lovely ladies resort to strengthening procedures, the use of special products.

keratin straightening
keratin straightening

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein that makes up 90 percent of hair. Over the years, they begin to lack it. The older a person gets, the more lifeless and dull his hair becomes. Sometimes, even very effective masks and remedies cannot help here. And here keratin straightening comes to the rescue - an intensive hair treatment, without which in some situations it is simply impossible to do.

Keratin straightening is a medical procedure, thanks to which the hair becomes stronger, healthier and, most importantly, straighter. The curls are saturated with keratin - a special agent that has a positive effect on them. It enriches the hair structure with nutrients, which also protect the hair from negative external influences (ultraviolet rays, etc.).

It is believed that this procedure is harmful to the hair. In fact, this is a myth. Hair is saturated with keratin, which means that they receive not only a straightening, but also a healing effect. After the procedure, they become shiny and elastic.

How is the procedure carried out?

The procedure takes three hours to complete. First, the hair is cleaned of sebum and dirt. After that, a special composition is applied to them. Then the hair is dried with a hair dryer. The procedure ends with hair straightening with an iron. The last stage is necessary, because it is under the influence of high temperature that the keratin composition penetrates deep into the hair structure and restores it, having a positive effect.

How do I care for my stripes after my procedure?

After the procedure, you need to take care of your hair with a special shampoo, which can be purchased at a specialized store. Also, you cannot do without special masks, which include an increased content of keratin.

The first days after straightening you need to be very careful with your hair. You cannot tighten them with tight elastic bands, hairpins. You only need to use a wooden comb. In no case should you use a hairdryer, which has a negative effect on the hair.

How long does the effect last?

On average, the effect lasts for four months. Of course, a lot depends on the composition that the master applied to the hair. Therefore, before doing keratin straightening, you need to ask the hairdresser which manufacturer's product he uses.

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