How To Straighten Your Hair For A Long Time

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How To Straighten Your Hair For A Long Time
How To Straighten Your Hair For A Long Time

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Smooth and straight hair never goes out of fashion - more and more girls who are not naturally endowed with a perfectly smooth hairstyle are resorting to various methods of hair straightening. Some of these hairstyles are long-lasting, and some can give you a chic hairstyle for just one evening. You can choose for yourself how long you want to maintain the sleek hairstyle. If you are dreaming of silky and straight hair to amaze your friends at a party or a corporate event, a method that allows you to straighten your hair for one day is quite suitable for you. If you want to radically change your image and keep your hair smooth for a long time, you will need other methods.

How to straighten your hair for a long time
How to straighten your hair for a long time


Step 1

To straighten your hair for a short time, the easiest way is to use a hot hairdryer and a styling comb, pulling out wet hair and blow-drying it taut with a hairdryer. It is much easier to straighten your hair with a special iron - such irons are sold today in all household appliances stores.

Step 2

In order for the hair to be less injured after heat exposure, use a special thermal protective mask, and also purchase irons with ceramic plates.

Step 3

If you want to change your hairstyle for a long time, you will need to change the keratin structure of the hair. This can be achieved through chemical or bio-straightening.

Step 4

The hair is chemically straightened using sodium hydroxide, but this method, despite its effectiveness, seriously disrupts the hair structure. There are more gentle hair straightening chemicals, but they all have a negative impact on the health of your hair in one way or another.

Step 5

For long-term hair straightening, it is recommended to use the latest bio-technologies, in which the hair is treated with amino-cysteic acids. Penetrating into the hair structure, they change the structure of keratin and do not spoil the hair. The only drawback of this method is its high cost.

Step 6

In addition, there is directly keratin hair straightening. This method of straightening is not only not harmful, but also useful - it improves the condition of weakened hair, complements its structure with missing components and allows you to get a chic, sleek hairstyle for several months. This method uses natural keratin, which provides hair with full restoration and beauty.

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