How To Make Stubble

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How To Make Stubble
How To Make Stubble

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As practice shows, men with stubble are more fortunate in female attention, since their face looks more masculine and mature. If you want to attract women with beautiful and well-groomed facial hair, remember a few tips.

Shaving often will help you grow thick stubble on your face
Shaving often will help you grow thick stubble on your face


Step 1

As a rule, it is not difficult for men who have passed the maturation period to grow stubble. But it happens that due to heredity, the axis of the bristle on the face is very weak, and therefore the hair grows soft and sparse.

Step 2

Therefore, in order for the bristles to grow densely and evenly, eat right. Eat foods rich in calcium, such as fish, dairy products, cottage cheese, and nuts.

Step 3

Take a hair growth vitamin complex. These are vitamins K, D, calcium, biotin, which strengthen not only hair, but also nails and teeth. Therefore, by becoming the owner of stubble, you will also improve your overall health.

Step 4

Be proactive. General physical activity accelerates metabolic processes, triggers the development and growth of the body, and this is also manifested in hair growth. Your skin needs to breathe, so play sports, especially jogging, swimming, get yourself a bike and roller skates. Having a beautiful stubble, you will also increase your physical attractiveness.

Step 5

The long-standing advice to shave hair often, though not unfounded, still has undesirable consequences. The bristles will actually grow stronger the more you shave them. But at the same time, most likely, you cannot avoid constant irritation on your face, which, you see, is unlikely to add female attention to you.

Step 6

But, if, in spite of the possible deterioration of the skin condition, you are ready to shave daily, stock up on emollients and moisturizers for your face, be sure to use foam. Together, this will reduce the risk of painful irritation. But remember, it's best to solve problems from the inside.

Step 7

Contact an endocrinologist or trichologist, and they will prescribe you a course of hair growth stimulation, as well as taking hormonal drugs if the analysis of the level of male hormones is below normal. All these procedures are very serious, so find competent professionals whom you fully trust.

Step 8

Having achieved the desired stubble, do not forget to take care of it. Watching for the moment when the light three-day stubble blends into the beard, it does not always look pretty. Remember to trim the stubble to create a shape that suits you.

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