Does The Remover Harm Your Hair?

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Does The Remover Harm Your Hair?
Does The Remover Harm Your Hair?

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In cases where the hair color after dyeing turned out to be much darker than desired or simply did not like it, a chemical wash will come to the rescue. It will also help those girls who want to change their black or dark brown hair color to a lighter one without bleaching. This procedure is definitely best done in a hairdresser.

Does the remover harm your hair?
Does the remover harm your hair?

Mechanism for removing color from hair

The procedure for removing dye from hair is a step-by-step procedure. It is difficult to carry out at home, not only because this business requires skill and speed of action, but also because in addition to the wash itself, you will need a professional deep cleaning shampoo, as well as subsequent hair coloring in the desired shade. The price of such a procedure in the salon is not cheap, but the result - getting rid of the hated black color - is worth it.

Hair remover prices fluctuate. The cheapest hair remover can be bought for 700-800 rubles.

The mechanism for removing the color from the hair is as follows: the master will apply the mixture along the entire length of the hair with quick, pulling movements. Then you will need to wait for the time specified in the instructions and rinse your hair with a deep cleaning shampoo. If the hair color is still dark after the procedure, you should repeat everything from the beginning. And so on until the result satisfies you. On very dark, repeatedly colored hair, the washing procedure is carried out up to 6-8 times.

While the mixture is on the hair, it removes the chemical dye pigment from the hair structure without destroying the natural pigment.

What to do after the rinsing procedure?

Rinse still cannot but harm the hair, since it is a chemical that penetrates the hair structure, violating its integrity. After washing, the hair scales are open, they can appear thin and weak. To make them stronger and more beautiful, it is imperative to do the final stage - dyeing - to fill the hair with color from the inside.

The wash does not lighten hair and does not contain hydrogen peroxide.

In order not to get a darker shade of hair, you should choose a paint half a tone lighter than desired. The oxidizing agent should be selected with a minimum percentage of hydrogen peroxide.

After washing and subsequent staining, you must carefully look after your hair, make nourishing masks, moisturize with balms and protect from everyday damage with indelible sprays and creams. Such procedures are able to restore the beauty and shine of your hairstyle in a short time.

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