Why Is A Decoction Of A String For Hair Useful?

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Why Is A Decoction Of A String For Hair Useful?
Why Is A Decoction Of A String For Hair Useful?

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Along with modern progressive cosmetic products, folk cosmetics are gaining more and more popularity. It does not contain chemical additives and is a storehouse of natural, useful substances. One of the remedies is infusions and decoctions of the herb series, which are often used in the treatment and strengthening of hair and scalp.

Why is a decoction of a string for hair useful?
Why is a decoction of a string for hair useful?

The main advantage of the string is the presence in it of tannins, essential oils, trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, etc., vitamins A and C. This plant has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, therefore it is useful for the skin. In it, doctors recommend bathing babies. It perfectly strengthens hair, helps fight dandruff and solves a number of other problems.

A series can be grown in your garden, at the dacha, or you can buy it for very little money at a pharmacy. And from fresh or dried leaves in your kitchen to prepare decoctions and infusions to strengthen hair and treat the scalp.

Hair Strengthening Line

In the villages, women have long used the string to strengthen their hair and give it shine. The leaves of the string contain keratin - provitamin A. It gives the hair vitality and a healthy look, accelerates the growth of curls. Cosmetologists recommend using a sequence for weak, lifeless, brittle and dull hair, which are often exposed to chemical and mechanical stress (dyeing, bleaching, perming, using a hair dryer and ironing).

With all of the above problems, it is necessary to rinse the hair regularly, at least once a week, after washing with a decoction of a series of medium strength. In addition, you can make hair care masks from a series with the addition of other components (egg, honey, kefir, burdock or castor oil).

The recipe for a decoction of a string for strengthening hair: pour two tablespoons of one glass of hot water. shredded plant. Infuse the liquid for 2/3 hours, then strain through cheesecloth. Before rinsing, dilute the resulting broth with 1 liter of warm water and apply to the scalp and the entire length of the hair. It is not necessary to wash off the infusion. Hair must first be washed with shampoo and rinsed thoroughly.

A series for dandruff treatment

Dandruff is a common scalp problem in both men and women. Itching and aesthetic untidiness can bring a lot of unpleasant moments. Even expensive shampoos do not always free you from this problem once and for all. And the series effectively and economically cope with dry dandruff.

Seborrhea, or dandruff, appears as a result of a malfunction of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. The sequence contains tannins with anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to reduce and completely eliminate dandruff.

Anti-dandruff decoction: pour water over 4-5 tbsp. shredded plant. Boil the broth over low heat for 6-7 minutes. In warm form, rub the alternation into the scalp twice a week for one month.

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