How To Wash Hair Dye With Laundry Soap

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How To Wash Hair Dye With Laundry Soap
How To Wash Hair Dye With Laundry Soap

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In the days of our great-grandmothers and grandmothers, laundry soap was the best way to wash your hair, probably because it was the only one. Many women then boasted thick, strong and shiny hair. Do not forget that the soap was different at that time, and the ecology was better than it is now, and the woman's hair was not extended or dyed, washed once a week, necessarily rinsing for beauty with decoctions of herbs or diluted vinegar.

How to wash hair dye with laundry soap
How to wash hair dye with laundry soap


Step 1

Nowadays, laundry soap is used by some of the fair sex as a home remedy to remove chemical dye from hair. Remember that any coloring violates, in one way or another, the structure of the curls, so dye your hair, if possible, in a hairdresser.

Step 2

When changing the color of your hair at home, carefully follow the instructions that come with the paint, and be prepared for the fact that the color may not turn out the one you dream of. In particular, this applies to those girls whose hair was previously dyed with persistent dyes, henna, or was bleached.

Step 3

If dyeing fails, try washing the dye off your hair with laundry soap. Although it dries hair, its highly concentrated alkaline formulation allows the artificial pigment to be flushed out of the curl structure in a few applications.

Step 4

Use laundry soap to remove color from hair as follows. Wash your hair as usual. Then wash your hair generously with soap. Leave the foam on the hair for 3-4 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly with water. From the very first time, the paint will begin to fade gradually.

Step 5

Do several of these procedures at a time (3-4) if the failed color is too dark. Then rinse your hair with a mild vinegar solution to restore shine. Moisten curls with a protective leave-in cream.

Step 6

Do not be surprised if after such a color removal procedure your hair becomes dull and dry. Laundry soap acts aggressively on the hair structure, destroying its protective lipid layer, drying it out from the inside. At the same time, the hair scales remain open, which makes the hair look unkempt.

Step 7

Carefully groom your hair after using laundry soap. Daily kefir masks or warm oil wraps perfectly restore the structure of damaged curls. These products not only moisturize and nourish, but also gradually draw the artificial color pigments out of the hair, returning it to its natural color, natural shine and strength.

Step 8

Use a conditioner after every wash. Also apply a leave-in cream to damp hair to protect it from further drying out after using laundry soap.

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