How Beautiful To Dye Your Hair At Home

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How Beautiful To Dye Your Hair At Home
How Beautiful To Dye Your Hair At Home

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Is it possible to dye your hair beautifully and correctly at home? Yes, if you follow the instructions on the packaging and a few additional rules.

How beautiful to dye your hair at home
How beautiful to dye your hair at home

How hair dye works

Any paint is based on three constituent elements: alkali, hydrogen peroxide, artificial pigment. Alkali, as it were, "loosens" the hair structure so that it becomes porous, and hydrogen peroxide freely gets into the hair core. Then the peroxide directly brightens the natural pigment so that the artificial one appears on the hair.

How to dye your hair at home

So, you decided to dye your hair yourself. Immediately a warning: you will achieve colors exactly like that of the girl on the box with paint only if you have chosen the paint to match your hair tone and generally dye your hair for the first time. In other cases, distortion cannot be avoided. If you are dyeing your hair for the first time, treat the entire length. When dyeing again, apply the paint only to the roots, otherwise you risk getting completely different hair tones over time at the roots and at the ends. For length, pick up toning shampoos and use them a couple of times a week.

How long does it take to keep the paint

In general, the time is indicated in the instructions. For example, if it is written 40-60 minutes, then it is in these 20 minutes that you will get the desired color. Consider the structure of your hair when coloring. On straight hair - the maximum indicated dye holding time, on wavy hair - between the minimum and maximum, on curly hair - the minimum holding time.

What is the conditioner for in the package?

The special conditioner contains a very low pH level immediately after dyeing, which makes it possible to smooth the hair scales so well. Otherwise, all the pigment would be washed out, before you had time to blink an eye. So never neglect the conditioner after coloring!

What to do if the staining is unsuccessful

The simplest thing is to go into a darker tone to hide the failure. If you want to get a lighter color, then you can only go to the salon. The dye itself does not discolor the hair, it can only be done by vigorous (or not so) lightening compounds, which only professionals can handle. It is strongly not recommended to lighten hair on your own, as the result is unpredictable: from green hair to hair loss or breaking off almost at the root.

Does paint spoil hair

The paint itself is not, but its misuse is definitely yes. If professionals have two types of dyes (one for the first staining, the second for the subsequent ones), then in an ordinary supermarket the choice is not so great, just use aggressive paint with a high pH level. Already after such a fourth procedure, a destructive effect will be noticeable. If possible, purchase a special gentle paint from a specialist store.

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