How To Go From Blonde To Brunette

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How To Go From Blonde To Brunette
How To Go From Blonde To Brunette

Video: How To Go From Blonde To Brunette

Video: How To Go From Blonde To Brunette

Women love changes in their appearance. Such changes not only refresh the image, but can often radically change the life of the fair sex. Someone changes their usual makeup, someone their hairstyle, and for some it is enough to change their hair color in order not only to transform externally, but also to feel more confident in life thanks to such changes.

How to go from blonde to brunette
How to go from blonde to brunette

It is necessary

Hair dye of a dark shade


Step 1

If you are a natural blonde and decide to dye your hair a darker shade, you should be aware that after a certain time, when the strands begin to grow back, you will see light unpainted roots, which will create a "bald" effect on the crown. In this regard, get ready for the fact that you will have to dye your hair roots quite often. This, in turn, will lead to a violation of the structure of the hair, which means that you should take care of them more carefully.

Step 2

In order not to be disappointed in the result obtained after dyeing your hair, first try to become a brunette for a while. This can be done using various computer style change programs, or simply try on a wig in the store in the color you would like to dye your hair. Or contact a beauty salon for advice from a stylist.

Step 3

If this is the first time you radically change your hair color, then it is better to seek help from a specialist who will not only help you choose the right shade for you, but also professionally perform the hair coloring procedure.

Step 4

Having decided to dye your hair at home, first proceed with choosing the right shade of hair dye. Buy a quality product from a reputable manufacturer that has not expired. An improperly selected shade or poor-quality dye can ultimately give your hair a green tint, and this is not only additional costs for the purchase of a new dye or payment for the services of a stylist, but also certain experiences.

Step 5

Dye your hair in a dark shade strictly according to the instructions on the packaging of the dye. If you keep the dye on your hair for less than the specified time, you risk getting a faded or green tint. If you overexpose the dye on your hair, the shade will be too dark.

Step 6

After dyeing, do not forget to apply a nourishing or regenerating mask to your hair. In the future, use products from the series for the care of colored hair.