How To Make Gel Nails

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How To Make Gel Nails
How To Make Gel Nails

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A modern woman can change her look in a matter of hours. Modern women of fashion can not only give their face the necessary shape and color with the help of makeup, but also change the shade and length of hair, eyelashes, nails. Often, such procedures are carried out by specialists. However, they can often be done at home. For example, in order to build up your nails with gel, you will need no more than 3-4 hours.

How to make gel nails
How to make gel nails

It is necessary

If you want to make your own gel nails, then you need a special UV lamp, as well as a set for nail extension. It usually includes clear and white gel, degreaser, tack remover, nail files, molds, and brushes for nail design and gel application


Step 1

First, let's prepare the nail for work. Remove all residual nail polish and cuticles from it. Now sand the surface a little with a file. Avoid circular movements, they can damage the nail plate. After the nail is matte, apply a degreasing liquid to it.

Now take the mold and insert it firmly under the edge of the nail plate. In this case, the white edge of the nail should be at least 3 millimeters.

Step 2

Everything is ready to apply the gel. Using a special brush, take a small ball of gel and apply it to your nail and shape. It is better to distribute the gel in shape so as to get nails 2-3 millimeters longer than desired. Later, they can be given the desired shape and size.

If the gel spreads unevenly, then wait a little, it will distribute itself over the entire nail. After that, dry your nails under an ultraviolet lamp for one or two minutes.

If necessary, apply the gel several more times in the same sequence.

Step 3

At the end of the extension, remove the form from under the nail. Remove the sticky layer from it with a special liquid. Then use a file and shape and size your nail. Clean your nail with a brush.

Apply another layer of gel to the surface of the nail. Dry it under the lamp and remove the sticky layer.

You can now varnish your new nails. It is better not to have contact with water for half an hour, otherwise the nails may peel off.

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