How To Quickly Rinse Tonic From Hair

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How To Quickly Rinse Tonic From Hair
How To Quickly Rinse Tonic From Hair

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Girls love to change their image and experiment with hair color. If you used a tonic for dyeing your hair, the color of which does not quite suit you, do not worry. There are many safe ways to wash off the toner from your curls.

How to quickly rinse tonic from hair
How to quickly rinse tonic from hair

It is necessary

  • - Burr oil;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - kefir or yogurt;
  • - hair remover.


Step 1

To wash off the tonic from dyed hair, you can use the following mask, which will not only relieve you of unwanted color, but also heal your hair. Take a couple of tablespoons of burdock oil and lightly heat in a water bath. Squeeze out a few drops of fresh lemon juice there and mix thoroughly. Then apply the prepared oil mixture to the hair and distribute evenly over the entire length. Twist your hair into a bun and put on a plastic cap followed by a warm terry towel. Leave the mask on for a few hours. If you have dry hair, the time should be reduced to one hour. Then wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo. Repeat this procedure every other day if necessary.

Step 2

The easiest, safest and most effective way that will save you from unwanted shade of hair is to wash your hair several times during the day, and you will immediately see the result (after all, the tonic does not have a strong effect on the hair, it is just a tint shampoo). After each shampooing, it is advisable to use a balm or mask, so you will immediately kill two birds with one stone: you will wash off the tonic and heal your hair, which is important for owners of a gorgeous hairstyle.

Step 3

As you know, yogurt and kefir have washing and bleaching properties, and also improve the structure of the hair. Make a mask of kefir (preheat it to forty degrees) and evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hair and rub into the scalp with massage movements. Leave the kefir mask for several hours (the longer, the better the effect will be), then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Step 4

You can use a professional hair dye remover. But, firstly, it is not so safe for your hair, and secondly, such a tool is not recommended to be used on its own at home. Contact a beauty salon to a qualified specialist, where this procedure will be done at the highest level.

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