How To Make Short Hair Out Of Long

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How To Make Short Hair Out Of Long
How To Make Short Hair Out Of Long

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The easiest way to change your appearance and image is to change your hairstyle, and today, among the hairdressing services, the most popular is the hair shortening service. You can reduce the length of your hair in a variety of ways - depending on the type of haircut, your appearance can change in an advantageous direction, and you can choose a successful hairstyle for yourself that emphasizes your merits. There are several basic styles that are followed when shortening hair.

How to make short hair out of long
How to make short hair out of long


Step 1

The easiest way to trim your hair is to trim it evenly with a clipper, or use scissors to create an even cut on your fingers or on a comb. A haircut looks much more interesting in which the hair is shortened unevenly - with shading, edging or thinning.

Step 2

If you need to create a curly short haircut or cut your hair almost to the top, use a clipper with appropriate length blades. The machine allows you to shorten your hairstyle up to 3 mm. If you want longer hair, use a comb and sharp scissors. Try to trim off excess hair smoothly and evenly. If you are using a clipper, cut only dry, clean hair and point the clipper against hair growth.

Step 3

If you cut your hair with scissors on your fingers, use the comb to lift a section of hair perpendicular to your head, and then grab the section with the middle and index fingers of your left hand. Transfer the comb to your other hand and cut off the strands two centimeters below your fingers.

Step 4

Then use this strand as a control to cut the rest of the strands based on its length. For a short haircut, lift the strands of hair with a comb and trim off any hairs that protrude above its surface. Position the comb and scissors horizontally and 90 degrees in relation to the surface of the head.

Step 5

More complex hair trimming operations - for example, shading or thinning - require certain skills. For such hair shortening, use special thinning machines and scissors to form a smooth transition from short hair to longer hair.

Step 6

A milled haircut looks neat and voluminous, and it must be performed starting from the temporal zones of hair growth, then moving on to the back of the head, and then to all other areas of the head. You can finish off the haircut with a piping that starts at the left temple and then continues through the back of the hair to the right temple.

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