How Much Does Hair Lamination Cost?

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How Much Does Hair Lamination Cost?
How Much Does Hair Lamination Cost?

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Hair lamination procedure helps to restore damaged hair, making it silky and smooth. The cost of lamination depends on three factors: the length of the hair, its condition and the brand of the products used.

How much does hair lamination cost?
How much does hair lamination cost?

The hair lamination procedure gives the hair a healthy and well-groomed look. Hair becomes shiny, smooth and silky. This procedure is recommended to be carried out regularly to achieve the greatest effect. Dry, brittle hair especially needs it. Hair lamination can be done not only in the salon, but also at home. The essence of lamination is to envelop the hair with a film that solders the irregularities and roughness of the hair. This procedure is very beneficial for the hair.

After lamination, the hair is easier to style, more obedient. The hair on which the laminate has been applied, when heated with a hairdryer, remembers the shape that it is given, and the need for fixation disappears.

How much do laminating kits cost

At home, lamination at a cost will be several times cheaper than salon, since the volume of solutions is enough for several applications. As a rule, the set for the procedure consists of a preparatory shampoo, a special solution for opening hair scales, a nourishing mask, a means for closing scales and a balm. The effect lasts from three to five weeks, therefore, if you decide to dye your hair, it is better to do this in advance, since the hair after lamination becomes, as it were, sealed and it will be simply difficult for the coloring pigments to get inside.

The entire set of formulations can be bought for 3-7 thousand rubles, the cost varies depending on the brand of funds. For example, a set of the Hair Company can be bought for 3 thousand rubles, funds from Lebel and Paul Mitchel will cost a little more. Sebastian Laminates belongs to the premium class. The cost of a set for lamination of this brand is at least 7 thousand rubles.

Gelatin mask - as a lamination option

You can carry out economy lamination with a gelatin mask. It will not only bring beauty to your hair, but it will also be very useful. If the hair is in normal condition, then the effect will be very pronounced, if it is severely depleted or burned with paint, perm, then it is better to turn to professional means or resort to the services of beauty salons.

For a gelatin mask, you will need (depending on the length of the hair) 3-5 packs of gelatin (60-100 rubles), water and a towel. Gelatin should be diluted and, when it resembles jelly in consistency, it is necessary to apply it to previously washed hair. Next, you should wrap your head and hold the mask for an hour and a half. Then wash off and apply a nourishing balm.

Lamination price in the salon

The cost of the lamination procedure from the master varies from 2 thousand rubles. up to 7 thousand rubles, depending again on the length of the hair, their condition, the brand of the means used and the cost of the master's work itself.

An economical alternative to full-fledged hair lamination Express spray laminate. The cost of 250 ml is from 700 to 1 thousand rubles.

On average, the prices for the lamination procedure are as follows: short hair - 1, 3 thousand rubles, medium - 1, 5 thousand rubles, long - from 1, 8 thousand rubles.

Lamination will give your hair a mirror-like shine, noticeable volume, long-lasting and rich color to dyed hair. The procedure is quite expensive, but in general, the reviews are mostly positive and even enthusiastic. Therefore, it is worth trying at least once in your life. For the first time, it is better to go to the master, and then, if you like it, you can learn how to do lamination at home, which will significantly save your budget.

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