DIY Hair Lamination: Healing And Shine At Home

DIY Hair Lamination: Healing And Shine At Home
DIY Hair Lamination: Healing And Shine At Home

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Home lamination can be an alternative to salon hair care treatments. An inexpensive and effective procedure that gives volume and shine to the hair is easy to perform and does not require the purchase of expensive ingredients.

DIY hair lamination: healing and shine at home
DIY hair lamination: healing and shine at home

Home lamination will give your hair a shine and intense protection from aggressive environmental influences. During the procedure, each hair is covered with an invisible film, due to this hair gets a well-groomed look. Voluminous, thick, obedient hair - this will be the result of home care.

You can do it yourself by purchasing an express tool. To improve the condition of the hair, a spray is used, which must be evenly applied to each strand. You do not need to wash off the composition, the film will last on the hair until the first wash. If you carry out the full lamination procedure, one spray is not enough. You will need to purchase a cleansing shampoo, polymer reducer, tip care oil, a moisturizing emulsion, and a protective spray. You need to use such a set strictly according to the instructions, and the effect can be observed longer.

Lamination is shown not only to restore colored hair, but also to preserve the brightness of the color. The protective film will keep the shade from fading for a long time.

However, food gelatin is most often used to perform lamination at home. Masks with gelatin saturate the hair with nutrients, make it more elastic, and help cells retain moisture. The procedure will be effective for any type of hair, including after hair dyeing, curling, and for the treatment of split ends.

Hair care using home lamination does not take much time; to achieve optimal results, gelatin hair masks are recommended to be done in courses of 20 procedures for 2-3 months. Gelatin care ingredients can be found in almost every kitchen.

Gelatin will become the main ingredient in home lamination masks. This all-natural product makes hair strong and healthy. Before applying the mask, the hair must be rinsed and dried. To make a standard recipe, you will need gelatin, water, and a balm or hair conditioner. You can also use a purchased mask instead of a balm.

In addition to collagen, which makes hair elastic and shiny, gelatin contains a lot of vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium and other substances necessary for caring for hair.

To make a lamination mix, stir one tablespoon of gelatin granules with three tablespoons of warm water. Leave the mass to swell the gelatin for an hour. Then it must be dissolved in a water bath and mixed with balm, hair conditioner, taking half a tablespoon of the product. The consistency of the resulting mask should be like sour cream, make sure that no undissolved granules remain in it. They will glue the curls together.

Apply a gelatinous lamination mask only on the strands, without touching the scalp. You can wash off the mixture after 20 minutes under running water; you do not need to additionally wash your hair with shampoo. The recipe can be changed based on the condition and type of hair. For home care, you can use gelatin in combination with burdock, almond oil, honey, oil concentrates of vitamins, etc.

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