How To Change Your Hair Color From White To Brown

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How To Change Your Hair Color From White To Brown
How To Change Your Hair Color From White To Brown

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Few people decide on a radical change in hair color. It will not be difficult to repaint from blonde to chestnut if you follow the technical recommendations for maintaining health and hair color from professional stylists.

How to change your hair color from white to brown
How to change your hair color from white to brown

What you need to remember when deciding on a radical change in hair color

If you have recently dyed or lightened your hair, you should not immediately resort to drastic color changes. The result of such staining will be unpredictable. After a single shampoo application, your curls will get an uneven shade.

Damaged white hair must be completely restored before being dyed brown. Use protein-containing hair care products for two to three weeks.

After a perm, long-term styling, it is recommended to repaint from blonde to chestnut no earlier than after two to three weeks.

Do not wash your hair the day before dyeing, do not use styling products.

Test for an allergic reaction before using hair dye. Even if you have always used paint from the same manufacturer before, changes in hormonal levels can lead to the development of serious allergies.

How to dye natural blonde hair brown

Natural blonde hair, which has never been dyed before, will most easily achieve the desired brown shade. Read the instructions carefully, mix the ingredients of the paint in the right proportions, distribute the curls on the strands and start coloring from the back of the head. Soak the paint for the specified time, rinse thoroughly with warm water, apply balm.

How to dye bleached hair brown

The ideal option is to wait for the natural hair to grow back. If you do not intend to wait, it is worth considering the fact that bleached hair will have a richer shade than stated on the package.

When staining, do not overexpose the composition on the curls. The manufacturer's timing recommendations are only suitable for those with natural hair color. Therefore, when using the chestnut shade for the first time, reduce the staining time by 10 minutes.

How to choose a shade of chestnut for blondes

The palette of chestnut shades is so rich that girls will surely be able to choose their own color. For the first stain, you need to use a shade two shades darker than the blond. If there is a desire to immediately dye your hair in saturated colors, carry out the procedure for pickling, or washing off the color. It will be possible to completely paint over white hair only from the second, third time.

In beauty salons, they can carry out a professional staining procedure, followed by protection of the resulting shade. Therefore, if you immediately want to turn from a blonde into a golden-brown brown-haired woman, you should use the services of an experienced stylist.

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