How To Remove Oily Hair

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How To Remove Oily Hair
How To Remove Oily Hair

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The increased oiliness of the hair not only gives the hairstyle a messy look, but also creates favorable conditions for the occurrence of dandruff. Taking proper care of your scalp will provide your hair with a healthy shine instead of a shiny, greasy “shine”.

How to remove oily hair
How to remove oily hair


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The problem of oily hair arises from a violation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands located under the scalp. These disruptions can occur during adolescence, when the entire body is rebuilt, and disappear naturally after puberty is complete. However, the reason for excessive fat content can also be hidden in diseases of the internal organs, for example, due to hormonal disruptions. In this case, cosmetic products are powerless, but a doctor's consultation is required.

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Use conditioner shampoos based on birch, seaweed, nettle, sage, aloe extract. Cosmetics, for example, with shea butter and ylang-ylang, sound rather romantic, but they are unlikely to have a strong enough effect on the scalp than “native” sage or mother and stepmother. Exotics will more effectively "save" those hairs that have grown in the same habitat.

Step 3

To restore normal oily hair, use treatment-and-prophylactic shampoos based on tar or zinc. Apply them to hair soaked in warm water, more precisely, on the skin at the roots (since oil is not produced in the hair itself). For one shampoo, only 1-2 drops are required. In this case, the length of the hair does not matter. Rub the shampoo lightly into damp palms and massage into the scalp centimeter by centimeter until a light lather forms. Wait 5 minutes, then wash off with water. For fixing, some products should be applied again, then left for a minute and washed off.

Step 4

Traditional medicine offers many ways to remove excess fat from hair and give a healthy shine. These are decoctions of chamomile (for bleached hair), linden flowers, birch leaves or burdock. Use lemon water as a natural conditioner: dissolve the juice of a third of a lemon in 1 liter of water. Rinse your hair with the resulting "cocktail" every time you wash.

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