Does A Man Need To Shave His Armpits

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Does A Man Need To Shave His Armpits
Does A Man Need To Shave His Armpits

Video: Does A Man Need To Shave His Armpits

Video: Does A Man Need To Shave His Armpits
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Many men cannot understand why their fellow tribesmen shave their armpits. According to real "males", pristine armpits are considered the prerogative of women, who get rid of vegetation almost all over the body.

Does a man need to shave his armpits
Does a man need to shave his armpits

Why should you shave your armpits?

Some men keep up with the ladies, they shave the groin area, armpits, and some even their legs. Of course, a young man with bald legs looks unconventional, but whoever likes it.

A modern man should be a man, not an animal, and smell accordingly. Shaving your stubble on your face and underarms doesn't take long. What's more, it doesn't take long to remove underarm hair, and cuts won't be as noticeable as on your face.

A man should shave his armpits at least for the sake of his own hygiene, especially in the summer. In the hot season, a person's sweating is increased, hairy armpits smell much stronger than smooth ones. Sweat stays on the ends of the hair when it is released, so you have to wash it thoroughly.

If the hair is removed, the odor is subtle. And in transport, you can feel free to raise your hand to hold onto the handrail.

Among other things, many of the fair sex believe that a body without hair looks more attractive. A man on a beach with no hair on his body will charm more women than a young man with armpit hair.

Arguments against shaving

Men who are strongly against shaving can be advised to carefully trim their hairs or trim them with a clipper. However, some are not satisfied with even this option. Such young people make the following arguments in defense of their position.

Increased body hairiness is one of the secondary sexual characteristics of the stronger sex, a consequence of the testosterone hormone. It turns out that in the subconsciousness of women it is written that a real man should be hairy. Since nature has endowed people with hair for some reason, why go against it?

Some are just too lazy to shave periodically. It's one thing to shave your face, it's another to process the rest of the places, and the lack of time affects.

Still others, mostly young men, by leaving hair on their armpits, try to show that they have become men.

They think that they look more attractive in the eyes of girls.

Be that as it may, the choice is up to men! Of course, it is best for them to consult with their beloved and jointly resolve this issue. By the way, some women don't mind moderate hairiness at all.