How To Cut A Beard

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How To Cut A Beard
How To Cut A Beard

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If you wear a beard, the main rule is that it should be well-groomed, whatever shape it may be. Moreover, the choice of the latter should be determined not only by one's own desire, but by the color of the hair. Otherwise, the beard will look untidy.

How to cut a beard
How to cut a beard

It is necessary

  • - Scissors;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - mirror.


Step 1

The beard is trimmed clean and dry. There are special shampoos for washing your beard. Get special tools: a beard comb, small scissors (manicure scissors will not work!), A trimmer. Before you start trimming your beard, comb it carefully, lifting the hairs to the maximum length.

Step 2

All hairs should lie in the same direction. Cut a little at a time. You can trim your beard with a trimmer. Adjust the trimmer to the length you want and guide it gently over the combed goatee.

Step 3

If you are cutting your own beard for the first time, set the trimmer to the maximum length, and then reduce it. If necessary, use a trimmer to trim the hair on your neck.

Step 4

Start trimming your beard with hair on your cheeks and neck. Then trim the hair from the sides, making sure that the sharp end of the beard is exactly in line with the center of the chin. Observe strict symmetry of the side lines.

Step 5

If you shave your cheeks, start by shaving your cheeks. Then trim the mustache, remove the hair under the lower lip and style the beard.

Step 6

The basic part of trimming a beard is shaping it. Consider hair color - with dark hair and light skin, the beard should not be very voluminous. If the hair is light or red, you can keep a wider beard - it will stand out less against the background of the face. Curly beards with shaved areas are more suitable for dark hair, as they are more noticeable.

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