How To Make A Beautiful Beard

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How To Make A Beautiful Beard
How To Make A Beautiful Beard

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The beard is designed to hide the existing flaws and emphasize the merits. The style for her should be selected depending on the physique of the person and the shape of the face. Many people think that a beard does not suit them at all. But with a competent approach and a sense of style, you can make a beautiful beard for almost every man.

How to make a beautiful beard
How to make a beautiful beard


Step 1

First of all, model the shape of the beard and decide which one suits you best. This can be done on paper, or using special software tools - "Hair Master", "That New Look Image Maker v1.0" and some others. Also, a professional beauty salon can help you with this.

Step 2

Assess your height and build. If you are short and stout, you probably look good without a beard. For men of medium to tall stature, almost any beard shape is suitable.

Step 3

Take a close look at the geometry of the face and try to figure out what needs to be emphasized or hidden. For example, a triangular shape should be slightly widened at the bottom. For this, a horseshoe or square beard is suitable. Chubby men need to visually stretch their faces, which will help the trapezoidal shape.

Step 4

Rinse your beard thoroughly with shampoo and dry well before trimming. If you cut your hair on wet hair, it will look completely different after it dries.

Step 5

Prepare the necessary tools: small hairdressing scissors, comb, mirror and trimmer. All of them must be of good quality and sharpening.

Step 6

Comb your beard well and start cutting gently from the ears downwards and then vice versa. This will help maintain balance. If scissors don't work to get the perfect look, use a trimmer. With this device you will make an even haircut.

Step 7

Watch your beard length regularly by updating your haircut. Hair growth rate is different for everyone, but in any case it is high.

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