How To Use Alunit Crystal Deodorant

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How To Use Alunit Crystal Deodorant
How To Use Alunit Crystal Deodorant

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The smell of sweat can ruin the whole experience of communicating with a person. Even a luxurious perfume cannot smooth out this nuisance if the smell of sweat is heard through the scent of the perfume. Regular hygiene and antiperspirants help combat excess sweating. Alunite is a great natural alternative to modern chemical deodorants.

How to use Alunit crystal deodorant
How to use Alunit crystal deodorant

What is Alunite

Alunite (alum stone) is a natural product, a transparent salt crystal of mountain-volcanic origin. The mineral can be of the following colors: reddish, white, gray, light yellow, red-brown, transparent in internal reflexes and in the light. Crystals are octahedral. For convenient use, they are cleaned, cut and polished.

Alunite is widespread in Asia, South America and the Middle East. Also, this crystal may be present in other regions with rich mining and volcanic formations.

Alunite has a strong natural antibacterial effect. For a long time, it has been used to preserve the freshness of products, eliminate unpleasant odors, prevent and treat various diseases. Alum is still widely used today in the food, medical and light industries.

Crystal deodorant Alunite: properties and rules of use

Antiperspirant Alunit does not block perspiration, but eliminates bacteria that cause unpleasant odor. It works for 24 hours and goes well with perfumes and other hygiene products. does not have its own smell. In addition, Alunite has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and swelling and promotes healing of small wounds.

In contrast to the modern chemical deodorants Alunite contains no preservatives or emulsifiers, which can negatively affect the function of the sweat glands and clog the pores.

Alunite is very easy to use and does not stain clothes. It is necessary to moisten the crystal with water and wipe the area of ​​the feet and armpits with it. It is advisable to apply it to clean skin immediately after taking a shower or bath. Alunite covers the skin with a thin coating, preventing the growth of microorganisms.

Alunite is very economical, one crystal weighing 50-100 grams is enough for a year of daily use. If the stone is broken, it can be ground into powder or the fragments can be dissolved in water, and then in the form of a spray and further used as a deodorant. Due to its compactness, Alunit is convenient to take with you on trips.

Alunite can be used as an after shave lotion. Thanks to its antibacterial action, it heals minor cuts and prevents skin irritation. Also, this crystal is also a fairly effective remedy for allergies, herpes and eczema.

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