How To Restore Hair Density

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How To Restore Hair Density
How To Restore Hair Density

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Have you noticed that your hair, once so thick and lush, has begun to thin out? Use one of the many popular recipes, using which, you can strengthen the hair roots and restore their structure.

How to restore hair density
How to restore hair density


Step 1

Before embarking on various procedures to return your hair to its former beauty, contact your local doctor so that he can refer you to an examination. During the examination, be sure to ask, first of all, the endocrinologist and neuropathologist, whether the deterioration of the hair condition is associated with any diseases under the supervision of these specialists.

Step 2

Redefine your lifestyle. Sleep disturbances and unbalanced nutrition also lead to hair loss and deformation of its structure. The state of hair can be affected by constant stress at home and at work.

Step 3

Before you start using this or that recipe, be sure to consult with a trichologist, dermatologist and allergist in order to avoid unwanted consequences during hair treatment. Avoid dyeing, perming and daily shampooing for the entire recovery time.

Step 4

Any masks applied to damp hair after washing should be washed off after a maximum of 40-60 minutes. It is not recommended to carry out procedures more than 2 times a week.

Step 5

Use vegetable oils for hair and scalp masks. The most effective and, at the same time, available are hemp, corn and sea buckthorn. However, animal fats can also be beneficial. So, a mask based on egg yolk, sour cream or kefir, which is still popular with our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, will help the hair regain its former density within a relatively short time (from six months to a year).

Step 6

It is not forbidden to mix vegetable and animal fats. Mix two egg yolks with one tablespoon of hemp oil. Rub into hair roots until the mixture is completely absorbed. Rinse off after an hour with warm water.

Step 7

The honey and beer compress is also very effective. Mix ¼ cup of light beer with 2 teaspoons of flower honey. Apply to hair and place a plastic cap over your head. After an hour, rinse your hair with warm water.

Step 8

Sometimes, in combination with folk remedies, mesotherapy can also help, accelerating metabolic processes and improving blood circulation in the scalp.

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