How To Remove Oil From Hair

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How To Remove Oil From Hair
How To Remove Oil From Hair

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Many home hair masks include various oils - burdock, castor, almond, etc. All of them have only a beneficial effect on the health of hair - they strengthen, add shine, make them healthy, and stimulate growth. But the oil has one disgusting quality - it is very difficult to wash it off.

How to remove oil from hair
How to remove oil from hair


Step 1

After applying the oil as a mask, take your time to wet your hair under running water. To begin with, you only need to walk with moistened hands several times through the hair.

Step 2

We take our favorite shampoo and lather our head with it. Foam will not appear as quickly as usual because the oil is in the way.

Step 3

If you feel that your hair is dry, you need to wet your hands again and continue to beat the foam. It will turn out to be very viscous. Particular attention should be paid to the hair roots.

Step 4

When a sufficiently large amount of foam has formed on the head, wash it off with water in the usual way. We wash our hair with shampoo again and wash it off again.

Step 5

The hair is already clean. But very rough to the touch. Therefore, do not forget to use your favorite balm. The whole procedure is over, all the oil is well removed!

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