Does A Man Beautify An Increased Hairline

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Does A Man Beautify An Increased Hairline
Does A Man Beautify An Increased Hairline

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All animals have hair, man has hair. Some peoples, for example, Arabs and Caucasians, have an increased level of hairline. Some people think that excess hair on a man's body is an adornment, others that it is a sign of sloppiness.

Does a man beautify an increased hairline
Does a man beautify an increased hairline

Causes of increased hairiness in men

Hypertrichosis is the cause of increased hairiness in men. This term refers to excess growth of terminal and vellus hairs in areas where normal hair growth is quite normal. In this case, the age and national characteristics of a person must be taken into account. For example, the growth of chest hair in a man is considered normal. But increased hairiness indicates hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis can be congenital or acquired. With congenital hypertrichosis, even at birth, a person has hair. This phenomenon may occur due to the intake of certain medications and chemicals.

Congenital hypertrichosis

The term "congenital hypertrichosis" refers to the appearance of hair on the baby's body at birth. Sometimes this pathology is noticed even before the birth of the baby, when he is in the womb. The cause of hypertrichosis is hereditary syndromes. In this case, both terminal and vellus hair can grow. Increased hairiness is observed in all children in different ways. Some have hair distributed throughout the body, while others have it in some specific areas. There is an opinion among people that increased hairiness affects a man's temperament. However, this theory is wrong. The error of this opinion has been proven by experts.

Acquired hypertrichosis

The emergence of acquired hypertrichosis in men is usually observed as a result of the use of certain drugs. Also, the occurrence of such a phenomenon could be influenced by mechanical stress, exposure to ultraviolet radiation or certain chemicals, such as difensipropenone, dinitrochlorobenzidine, psoralen.

Increased hairiness - decoration or defect?

An increased hairline in a man indicates a high level of testosterone in his body. Some people believe that this indicates a sign of a man's high sexuality. In fact, these concepts are completely unrelated to each other. If a woman likes brutal men, then for her his increased hairiness will naturally be a sign of attractiveness. Some also associate brutality with aggression.

Many people perceive men with increased hairiness as attractive and sexy individuals. This is usually due to the fact that they have increased levels of testosterone in the body, and this substance is a "male" hormone.

There are many opinions about the sexuality and attractiveness of men. Different sources talk about this in their own way. Sometimes bald spots or long fingers are considered attractive. For every woman, the concept of male attractiveness is purely individual.

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