How To Cure Dry And Brittle Hair

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How To Cure Dry And Brittle Hair
How To Cure Dry And Brittle Hair

Video: How To Cure Dry And Brittle Hair

Video: How To Cure Dry And Brittle Hair

Poor ecology, stress, unhealthy diet, abuse of styling products - all this does not have the best effect on hair health. One of the most common problems with hair is its dryness and increased fragility: the curls look dull, lifeless, the scalp is constantly tight, small dandruff and split ends are worried. Dry and brittle hair, of course, requires competent treatment, which consists in an integrated approach to this problem.

How to cure dry and brittle hair
How to cure dry and brittle hair

It is necessary

  • - wooden or ceramic comb;
  • - shampoo and conditioner for dry hair;
  • - burdock, castor or olive oil.


Step 1

The cause of dry and brittle hair only in rare cases is a congenital anomaly of their structure. Most often, this condition is due to negative external factors or diseases of internal organs. Therefore, in order to cure dry and brittle hair, be sure to consult a trichologist. After talking with you, as well as conducting additional diagnostic tests, the doctor will determine the causes of the problem in your particular case.

Step 2

Among the diseases leading to dry and brittle hair, one can note anemia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic renal failure, and tuberculosis infection. The foci of chronic infections - caries, inflammation of the tonsils - and parasite infestation also negatively affect the condition of the hair. Start treating dry and brittle hair with medication to correct the underlying condition causing hair problems. Your doctor should choose the treatment methods and the appropriate vitamin preparations for you.

Step 3

It happens that dry and brittle hair is not associated with diseases of the internal organs, but is due only to the peculiarities of the lifestyle. In this case, try to limit the influence of harmful factors that worsen the condition of the hair as much as possible. First of all, pay attention to the diet: it should contain a large amount of protein, fruits and vegetables. Diets during treatment are inappropriate. Drink plenty of fluids (preferably mineral water). Do not abuse alcohol and coffee, quit smoking.

Step 4

Dry and brittle hair should be protected from direct sunlight. To care for your curls, use a wooden or ceramic combs with natural bristles that will not damage the hair structure. Also, limit the use of a hair dryer, or at least turn it on at the lowest possible heat. But it is better to refuse irons, curling tongs, hair tongs altogether.

Step 5

Use a shampoo designed for your hair type and don't forget conditioners and conditioners. Most conditioners contain wax that protects hair and improves its appearance.

Step 6

At home, in the treatment of dry and brittle hair, scalp massage with oils warmed up to body temperature - burdock, castor, linseed, olive oil - helps. Perform this procedure after washing your hair. Rub the oil into the scalp with a cotton swab, leave to act for 3-4 hours. Wash off the oil with baby soap, and finally rinse your hair with vinegar acidified water.

Step 7

To care for dry hair ends, we recommend cutting with hot scissors, in which the hair is sealed and stops splitting.