How To Learn To Do Hairstyles

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How To Learn To Do Hairstyles
How To Learn To Do Hairstyles

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Every woman should be able to create beautiful and attractive hairstyles from her hair for different occasions. A well-done hairstyle that suits your type of appearance and the occasion will accentuate your beauty, celebrate your dignity and become a complete complement to your stylish look.

Every woman should be able to create attractive hairstyles from her hair
Every woman should be able to create attractive hairstyles from her hair


Step 1

Surely you know the features of your appearance and your hair type. Choose appropriate hairstyles in accordance with these characteristics. For example, if you have a slender figure and short stature, you should not choose too voluminous and heavy hairstyles.

Step 2

With different face shapes, certain hairstyles can correct the shape of the face and make you more attractive. For a round face, medium-length hairstyles are well suited, visually narrowing the face; for a square face, an asymmetrical hairstyle combed forward is suitable. If the oval of the face is too elongated, straight long hair will not work for you. In this case, do lush hairstyles with styling and curls.

Step 3

In order to be able to experiment with your own hair, do not forget to take proper care of it. Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo, balms and nourishing masks. To achieve volume, apply some mousse or styling foam to damp hair immediately after shampooing.

Step 4

Dry your hair gently by brushing it in the direction you want it to be. Spray the resulting styling with varnish. You can also apply the varnish by tilting your head forward, and then lift the hair at the roots with your fingers and hold it in this position. Do not forget to wash your hair with a nourishing balm after any styling.

Step 5

There are many different hairstyles that are very easy to do. For example, if you want light, relaxed curls, apply some fixing gel or mousse to your washed, damp hair and roll your hair into large curlers. After the curlers are removed, smooth out the strands of hair with your fingers, tousle them, and apply the hairspray.

Step 6

To create a hairstyle suitable for a business event or a strict work setting, tie your carefully washed and combed hair into a ponytail, threading the hair through the hair tie several times. Do not pull the strand to the end one last time, but leave a small loop. Secure the loop and strands of hair left over from the ponytail around the elastic using the bobbins.

A ponytail, a braid or a regular, but elegant bun of hair at the back of the head, neatly tied on the side or on the crown of the head, can also look graceful and strict.

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