How To Rinse Your Hair With Vinegar

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How To Rinse Your Hair With Vinegar
How To Rinse Your Hair With Vinegar

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Folk recipes for beauty have always been and will be popular. Based on the naturalness of all the components used, they can help in solving a particular problem of appearance and health. One of the old methods is rinsing hair with vinegar, after which it becomes fluffy, smooth, shiny and does not get dirty for a long time. Of course, the secret of this procedure is quite simple. Previously, the head was washed with soap, which has an alkaline environment. And the environment of our hair and skin is slightly acidic. When rinsing with vinegar solution, the alkali was neutralized and the women got the desired effect. However, this recipe is still popular today.

How to rinse your hair with vinegar
How to rinse your hair with vinegar


Step 1

Before you rinse, make sure your vinegar is natural, or at least contains more than half the amount of natural extracts. It's good if it's apple cider vinegar or berry vinegar that you made yourself, because it contains many vitamins and minerals valuable for hair. It is better not to use synthetic factory versions of vinegar or its essences in hair care.

Step 2

To get the desired effect, the rinsing procedure should be regular, after each hair wash, and not from time to time. If the solution is weak, then it is not necessary to rinse it off, unless, of course, you are the owner of dry, damaged hair. It will be enough just to squeeze the strands and wrap them in a towel. If your hair is damaged, rinse it with clean water after the vinegar solution.

Step 3

Carefully observe the recommended proportions so as not to get the opposite effect in the form of fragility and thinning of the hair. So, it is recommended to use vinegar at the rate of one tablespoon per liter of boiled water. If you still take vinegar with a high percentage of acid, then in this case one spoon will be enough for 7-10 liters of water.

Step 4

For more benefits, you can also use herbs in combination with vinegar. Better to take two tablespoons of herbs for the entire amount of water used for rinsing. So, when adding rosemary to a vinegar solution, the shine and color of dark hair increases, but chamomile is suitable for blondes, giving light hair a shine. Sage solution will help with hair loss, strengthen hair follicles. The addition of nettle will help to cope with the problem of oily strands and the appearance of dandruff. A solution of vinegar and non-carbonated mineral water also works well on the hair.

Step 5

To strengthen your hair more intensely, you can add a few drops of natural essential oils to your vinegar solution. This will help soften the strands, make them smooth and lush, and nourish and moisturize them.

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