How To Wash Hair With Barrettes

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How To Wash Hair With Barrettes
How To Wash Hair With Barrettes

Video: How To Wash Hair With Barrettes

Video: How To Wash Hair With Barrettes
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Hair with bobby pins requires particularly careful maintenance. They, like your own, need to be regularly washed, combed, protected from various adverse influences. Only in this case they will last a long time and will decorate the hairstyle.

How to wash hair with barrettes
How to wash hair with barrettes

It is necessary

  • - warm soft water;
  • - baking soda;
  • - mild quality shampoo;
  • - conditioner balm;
  • - antistatic agent;
  • - a brush of medium hardness;
  • - a comb with sparse teeth;
  • - soft towel


Step 1

First of all, determine what material was used to make the strands. To do this, separate a few hairs, roll them into a ball and set fire to them. If there is practically no smell during the burning process, the hair burned out very quickly - artificial material was used for the manufacture. This is a rather important point, since caring for artificial and natural strands has distinctive features.

Step 2

Hairpins made from artificial materials should be brushed and washed about once every three months. In case of intensive use of the product, the frequency of cleaning increases.

Step 3

Pay attention to the water used for washing, it must be soft. To obtain such water, add ordinary baking soda to it - 2 teaspoons per 1 liter of water, or simply boil it.

Step 4

Start cleaning with the bobby pins. They are cleaned with plain water and shampoo using a regular sponge. Do not use alcohol - if it gets on your hair, it can make it look dull and brittle.

Step 5

To wash the strands in two liters of water, add 20 ml of shampoo, beat up a thick foam. Using a medium-hard brush, apply the lather to the hair strands along the entire length, comb through them gently. Strands made of artificial materials should not be rubbed, squeezed, twisted, because such treatment can greatly confuse them.

Step 6

After applying the lather, rinse your hair with clean running water from roots to ends. At the end of washing, gently blot your hair with a towel, treat it with an antistatic agent, and comb.

Step 7

Lay the strand on a clean white cloth and let dry. After that, comb them well again.

Step 8

Caring for strands of natural hair is distinguished by an even more careful attitude towards them. Such hair is washed much more often than artificial hair, as it gets dirty. The water for washing should be warm, but not hot.

Step 9

Use a quality mild shampoo and conditioner to improve hair structure. Do not use brushes when washing (gently beat the foam with your hands). Apply shampoo at least twice. Rinse hair thoroughly with softened water.

Step 10

Do not blow-dry natural hair with bobby pins. Place them on a dry, clean towel away from heat sources. After they dry, gently comb the strands.