How To Rub Salt Into Your Head

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How To Rub Salt Into Your Head
How To Rub Salt Into Your Head

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The mask made from ordinary table salt, despite its poor composition, has its advantages. Rubbing it into the head has a massage effect, thereby improving the blood supply to the skin. But it is the blood that brings all the beneficial substances to the hair follicle, contributing to the growth and health of hair.

How to rub salt into your head
How to rub salt into your head


Step 1

Use only coarse salt for the salt mask. Its effect is achieved through massage, since salt itself is not very nutritious. After all, it contains only two trace elements - sodium and chlorine, which are able to create only an alkaline environment that suppresses the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

Step 2

Before rubbing the salt into the scalp, wash your hair with shampoo and rub the salt over the partings on damp (not wet) roots with circular motions of your fingertips. The direction of rubbing the salt does not matter, so choose the most convenient one.

Step 3

Leave the salt on the head for a minimum time, since its beneficial effect occurs only during massage (rubbing). After applying it to the entire scalp, immediately rinse thoroughly the roots and hair along the entire length. This will avoid irritation and subsequent itching, as salt can be corrosive.

Step 4

For very sensitive skin, combine salt with wet crumb of black or gray bread. However, be careful not to dissolve the salt from the moisture in the bread. Rub the resulting mass into the scalp in the same way. This mask produces massage and simultaneous external nutrition of the hair roots due to vitamins E, group B and trace elements contained in cereals (gray and black bread).

Step 5

Rubbing in sea salt is a good alternative. Unlike ordinary table salt, it contains 65 trace elements. This composition provides complete nutrition to the hair roots. However, also observe the minimum time for applying salt to your hair, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

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