How To Adjust Your Hair Clipper

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How To Adjust Your Hair Clipper
How To Adjust Your Hair Clipper

Clippers allow you to take care of short hair at home. Due to the fact that several different attachments are supplied in the kit, the length of the hair to be cut can be calculated up to a millimeter. However, in order to avoid "surprises" in the operation of the hair clipper, it must be adjusted.

How to adjust your hair clipper
How to adjust your hair clipper


Step 1

Read the accompanying instructions carefully. As a rule, this technical documentation provides practical recommendations related to the safe and proper operation of the device.

Step 2

Perform all operations related to the adjustment of the hair clipper only after making sure personally that the device is de-energized. If the clipper is running on rechargeable batteries, remove them before making any adjustments.

Step 3

Adjust the blades in clippers, as well as the tension. Of course, different models of hairdressing devices have some peculiarities, but the principle of setting these components is almost the same.

Step 4

To adjust the blades, check the position of the blade first. The top blade should be between 0.8 and 1.6 mm in relation to the bottom. If further adjustment of this element is required, loosen the bolt that holds the lower blade and adjust its location.

Step 5

To adjust the voltage, turn the control knob counterclockwise (turn until slight resistance appears). In no case should the regulator be turned by force.

Step 6

If the blades are dirty or fine hairs have accumulated on them, never immerse the clipper in water. The set with this hairdressing device comes with a soft brush, with which you can clean the blades efficiently.

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