How To Wind Papillote Curlers

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How To Wind Papillote Curlers
How To Wind Papillote Curlers

Papillots are a type of hair curler, hair curlers that resemble bows. They have long been used in hairdressing and were originally made from paper.

How to wind papillote curlers
How to wind papillote curlers


Step 1

Buy papillotes. Today they are mainly made of rubberized foam with a wire inside or elastic. Their length can be from 20 to 25 cm, and their diameter is 8-10 mm. Since they are waterproof and resistant to chemical components, this makes them indispensable for creating beautiful curls.

Step 2

Wash your hair thoroughly before curling and dry it. First, divide the head into 2 x 2 cm or 3 x 3 cm squares. Place the strands in the direction of the hair. Moisten each strand with a styling fixer. Take one of them and, starting from the end, wind it around the papillote. Twist should be perpendicular to the stretched strand.

Step 3

Fix the papillote with a special plastic clip. Gradually, moving from strand to strand, curl all the curls. If you want to alternate the direction of the curl in each row, do so. Cover your hair with a mesh to protect your future hairstyle from deformation when blow-drying. The mode should be weak or medium so that the curls do not wrinkle.

Step 4

After drying, carefully remove the papillotes by first removing the clip, and then carefully loosening the hair. If it seems to you that your hair is too curly, separate the curls and comb them so that only a nice wave remains. However, you can vary the intensity and thickness of the curls even during the curling process, winding large strands or less. In order not to become too curly, take no more than 10-12 papillotes.

Step 5

If you urgently need to go somewhere, you can make papillotes yourself. Cut the newspaper into A4 sheets (or use any other thin paper). Fold them several times along the long side so that you get tubes, bend them in half or pass a string or a thin strip of fabric through homemade papillotes (then the sheet of paper should be of the same format as is necessary for the size of future curls).

Step 6

Grab the tip of the strand with a papillote and wind the hair up to the very root, trying to keep it in the middle. Then fix the homemade product with a string or tie the ends of the paper tube together, wetting them a little before that.

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