How To Dye Your Hair Red

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How To Dye Your Hair Red
How To Dye Your Hair Red

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Many women dye their hair. But such bright, attention-grabbing shades like red are rarely decided. This is not surprising - such a transformation requires a responsible approach and professionalism of the master.

How to dye your hair red
How to dye your hair red

It is necessary

  • - tint balm;
  • -or resistant paint


Step 1

If you want to experiment and find out if red hair is right for you, use a tint balm. As a rule, tint balms have an affordable price, the packaging is enough for two to three times. Their advantage is the absence of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which are harmful to hair health. On average, such unstable dye stays on the hair for 2-3 weeks, some brands are less, some longer. In fact, for a week the dye will gradually start to wash off, become less saturated, and then completely change color. You will either have to dye your hair or wait until the dye is completely washed off. But it won't necessarily happen quickly. Do not forget about the growing roots.

Step 2

There are also long-lasting paints in various shades of red. When choosing a paint, focus on the advice of professionals and reviews of women who have experienced it on themselves, and not on advertising. Keep in mind that, regardless of the shade of the paint itself, the final result will depend on your initial data. If you are blonde, you may end up with scarlet, bright red hair after dyeing. If you are a brunette, then the dye may not be noticeable on your hair, but just cast brown or burgundy. So if you start with a dark shade of hair, you will have to pre-lighten. When deciding on serious experiments with hair, it is better to go to a good salon. Find someone with positive reviews you can trust. So you can not be afraid that instead of red you get some other unexpected shade. This is all the more true if you have already dyed hair - re-dyeing may lie unevenly.

Step 3

Some women hope to get red hair using natural remedies and mistakenly believe that red henna will help them. In fact, this natural dye will give your hair a more reddish, coppery hue. Henna stays on the hair for a long time and ordinary persistent paint does not fit well on it - keep this in mind.

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