How To Soften Water For Washing Your Hair

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How To Soften Water For Washing Your Hair
How To Soften Water For Washing Your Hair

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Many beauticians warn against washing hair with hard tap water, since the salts contained in such water have a bad effect on the scalp and hair. However, there are several common home water softening methods.

How to soften water for washing your hair
How to soften water for washing your hair

It is necessary

  • - lemon juice;
  • - flaxseed;
  • - table vinegar.


Step 1

One of the well-known methods of water softening is freezing. To treat water this way, take a few plastic bottles, fill them with water, and place the bottles in the freezer.

Step 2

As soon as the thickness of the ice on the walls of the bottles reaches two centimeters, remove the bottles and pour out the water that has not had time to freeze. When the ice remaining on the walls has melted, you can use the melt water to rinse your hair. The same water is recommended for washing.

Step 3

Another way to prepare melt water is to freeze the water and remove the opaque middle section from the ice. All the rest of the ice can be melted to wash your hair and wash your face.

Step 4

Boiling also helps to obtain water suitable for washing your hair. To remove the hardening salts from the water in this way, it is recommended to boil the water for an hour. Then let it stand.

Step 5

Lemon juice is sometimes recommended to soften the water. In order to use this method, you need one teaspoon of juice per liter of water. Lemon juice is included in many home hair care products, but before you start using this softened water to wash your hair regularly, make sure you are not allergic to lemon juice.

Step 6

Another homemade way to prepare soft water for shampooing is to add flaxseed water to the water. To prepare the broth, boil a liter of water, pour a tablespoon of seeds into it and boil the mixture for five minutes. Let the broth steep for an hour, strain it and pour it into the water to wash your hair.

Step 7

Table vinegar is often recommended to soften tap water. To use this method, add a teaspoon of table vinegar to one liter of water. This composition is used to give shine to hair.

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