How To Add Volume To Long Hair

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How To Add Volume To Long Hair
How To Add Volume To Long Hair

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Long hair is labor, and voluminous long hair is a matter of pride and admiring glances for men. What to do to the number of women whose hair is naturally not thick, but at the same time its length reaches the elbow or below the waist? "Crop!" - the envious women will say, "Contact the hairdresser" - the more knowledgeable will advise, but we, in turn, will conduct a short course on visually adding volume to long and thin hair.

How to add volume to long hair
How to add volume to long hair


Step 1

TV ads are overflowing with shampoos, sprays and masks to add volume to hair with promising phrases "… will give not only colossal volume, but also create a" silk "effect to your hair after the first use", or "… you dreamed of enviable hair with the effect of a bouffant? Our shampoo will help you make that dream come true. " If you have long ceased to believe in fairy tales, then you will pass by similar advertised products, and this will be the right decision. Firstly, no product will give a colossal volume to your hair after the first application, except for hairspray, and then after reinforced fleece. Secondly, it should be remembered that it is necessary to select a shampoo (mask, spray) based on your hair type, since, for example, products for owners of oily hair are in no way suitable for owners of dry hair - they will dry them even more. some cosmetics can add volume to your hair. This is done if they contain silicone. Thanks to it, the hair becomes thicker, and the damaged ends "stick together", creating visual volume to the hair. However, do not forget that this is just a cosmetic and one-time effect, in addition, silicone tends to quickly become dirty, respectively, and the volume will begin to lose its strength within 4-5 hours. But we also do not recommend ignoring such shampoos for special cases. There is another type of volumizing shampoos that act somewhat differently than the above, but are much more expensive. Professional shampoos to add volume to hair are activated, replenishing the lack of keratin and protein in hair, their constant use improves the structure of the hair, and after a while your hair will become much thicker. In addition, there are masks to add volume to the hair. However, it is often not recommended to use such masks, otherwise the opposite effect is possible.

Step 2

Long hair cutting and styling Here, for several years now, the "multi-level cascade" haircut has become fashionable. The hairstyle allows you to create volume due to different hair lengths. As a rule, short hair is easier to style in volume, therefore the top hair is made shorter than the rest. If you also use a special styling foam, you can achieve a remarkable peri-root volume. After applying the foam, while drying the hair, it is necessary to lift the strands at the roots and bring the hairdryer close enough to them, which will help to achieve the maximum effect. But do not overdo it with a hairdryer (do not dry your hair), because they will subsequently become brittle and split.

Step 3

An amazing fact: hair of different shades can create visual volume for your long hair, while solid hair, even with thick hair, looks less voluminous. Use no more than 4 shades, and of course, before doing so, consult with a master colorist.

Step 4

Combing is not good for your hair, but for a special occasion, combing is ideal.

Step 5

Curlers Rolling the top layer of your hair on curlers of different diameters can create not only additional volume, but also a stylish, feminine hairstyle.

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