How To Paint Streaked Hair

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How To Paint Streaked Hair
How To Paint Streaked Hair

Video: How To Paint Streaked Hair

Video: How To Paint Streaked Hair
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A woman, regardless of age, wants to be beautiful. Due to the wide variety of hair products, you can turn from blonde to brunette and vice versa in a short period of time. It all depends on the color of your hair and its condition. Healthy hair can be dyed without restrictions. If you have streaked strands, you should carefully approach the dyeing procedure.

How to paint streaked hair
How to paint streaked hair

It is necessary

gentle hair dye


Step 1

Wait for at least a few weeks after the highlighting procedure. Hair immediately after bleaching becomes thinner and becomes brittle and brittle. In addition, the paint lays down on the strands more intensely, which ultimately does not lead to the selected shade of color. Choose tint dyes or toners that do not dye your hair particularly intensely, and do not contain ammonia. They stay on the hair for six to eight weeks and do not harm them. The advantage of such dyes is that you can experiment without fear for the result.

Step 2

Be sure to treat your hair using special masks or balms that contain protein. There are many types of masks on the market for different hair types. Do not wash your hair before dyeing, the natural fat that is produced by the sebaceous glands will protect the curls from drying out.

Step 3

Determine your natural color in daylight. Try to choose a dye color several shades lighter than your natural hair. This not only gives freshness to the face, but also paint over the gray hair, which is important for women who have it.

Step 4

Test with a little dye on your skin and hair to make sure there is no allergic reaction to the drug. Do not mix several colors at once, the presence of regular and highlighted strands can give a completely opposite result. Keep the dye on your hair for half the time specified in the dyeing instructions. Periodically see if the strands are evenly colored.

Step 5

Do not use a dye that contains hydrogen peroxide to dye highlighted hair, the hair from it dulls and loses its elasticity. After coloring, do not use too often hot dryers and hair straighteners. For a more competent approach to dyeing highlighted strands, you should visit a hairdressing salon where they will treat your hair and dye your hair using a gentle dye.