How To Make A Voluminous Tail

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How To Make A Voluminous Tail
How To Make A Voluminous Tail

Video: How To Make A Voluminous Tail

Video: How To Make A Voluminous Tail
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It would seem that a ponytail is the simplest hairstyle, familiar to every girl from childhood. However, even he has a variety of options. Some types of ponytail are convenient to whip up when going to work or school, while others are suitable for an evening out to a restaurant. Any ponytail will look elegantly appropriate if it is voluminous and beautiful.

How to make a voluminous tail
How to make a voluminous tail


Step 1

The basis of a beautiful hairstyle is thick, healthy hair, and this is not a substitute for volumizing mousses and false strands. Therefore, if you want to have a voluminous ponytail, start grooming your hair. Use shampoos that are right for your hair type. Watch your diet: your diet should contain foods that help your hair to be healthy: nuts, seaweed, greens.

Step 2

Spray the roots with a volumizing spray before putting together your hair. After that, the hair can be dried with a hairdryer, while curling the strands.

Step 3

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create a voluminous ponytail is with a bed-only hairstyle. Wash your hair, dry your hair and, without combing, collect it in a ponytail. For even more volume, apply some mousse to the ponytail and comb through it. Such a tail can be done not strictly on the back of the head, but a little from the side. After all, you seem to have just got out of bed, and such inattention is quite forgivable to you.

Step 4

If you're looking to braid a voluminous ponytail in a retro style, combing your hair comes in handy. Using your fingers, lift a row of hair at the crown of your head and start combing your hair from roots to mid-length. When you get the style you want, smooth it down a little, sprinkle with nail polish for a strong hold and tie it into a low ponytail.

Step 5

If you want to radically solve this problem, hair extension specialists are at your service. Going to this procedure, remember that your hair should be at least 5 centimeters. To create a lush hairstyle, you will need to build up 100-150 strands, and within six months you will be the owner of a gorgeous bushy ponytail.

Step 6

To achieve a voluminous hairstyle, you can use a chignon. You must choose it carefully, because the hair color of the chignon should be absolutely identical to your color. Attach a hairpiece at the base of the ponytail and it will save you the hassle of styling.