How To Restore Hair After Extensions

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How To Restore Hair After Extensions
How To Restore Hair After Extensions

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The pursuit of beauty knows no bounds. What does a woman do to be even more attractive! But sometimes the consequences after the "beauty induction" nullify all the pleasure of such procedures. Brittle and lifeless hair after removing hair extensions is a fairly common problem. Can hair be strengthened and restored after extension?

It is not easy to restore hair after extension, but nothing is impossible
It is not easy to restore hair after extension, but nothing is impossible


Step 1

Get a haircut from an experienced professional. This will help you get rid of damaged hair and give your hairstyle a beautiful, neat shape. Try to choose a haircut that does not require complex styling, because during treatment and hair restoration it is advisable to abandon curling, straightening hair with irons, using all kinds of varnishes and mousses.

Step 2

Use nourishing oils to restore hair after. A classic of the genre is burdock oil, but others are also suitable: olive, peach, almond. Lightly heat the oil in a water bath, apply to your hair, wrap it with cellophane on top and wrap it in a warm terry towel. Leave the oil on your hair for a few hours, rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Perform this procedure once a week, and very soon your damaged hair will shine and revive again.

Step 3

Apply masks that strengthen and stimulate hair growth. To restore hair after the extension procedure, it is very important to enhance its growth, for this, include ingredients that irritate the scalp in the masks. Such masks provide blood flow to the hair follicles, improve their nutrition. Mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil with one yolk, add half a glass of warmed kefir and one tablespoon of dry mustard. Apply the mixture along the partings, put on a cellophane cap, wrap with a towel. Keep this mask on your hair for twenty minutes, rinse with warm water with a little shampoo. Thoroughly mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of ground red pepper, rub this mixture into the hair roots before washing your hair. Do not be alarmed if you feel a burning sensation, red pepper irritates the skin quite noticeably. Leave the mask on your hair for fifteen minutes, wash your hair as usual.

Step 4

Strengthen hair with salt compresses. Take a glass of table salt, fill it with warm water until creamy and rub the resulting mass into the hair roots, spreading it over the entire surface of the head. Put on a plastic cap, wrap your head with a terry towel. Keep this mixture on your hair for at least an hour, rinse with warm water. Perform this procedure twice a week and soon you will notice an improvement in hair condition. Salt compress strengthens the roots, accelerates hair growth, it is an effective and affordable way to restore hair after extension.

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