How To Remove Red Hair Color

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How To Remove Red Hair Color
How To Remove Red Hair Color

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Sometimes, as a result of experiments with coloring agents, a not quite expected result is obtained. Hair may appear darker than expected, reddish or reddish. But most situations are fixable and you can display a color you don't like.

How to remove red hair color
How to remove red hair color


Step 1

The trick is to get the red tint out if you've dyed your hair with henna. This is a product of natural origin, and it is impossible to predict the effect of interaction with the coloring composition. Therefore, you will have to change the color of your hair using tint shampoos. They do not penetrate into the hair, remaining on the surface, and there is no chemical reaction with henna. Of course, you won't be able to completely change the color in this case. But it is quite possible to give red hair an ashy or light brown shade. Only you will have to use shampoos constantly, as the new color lasts until the first shampooing.

Step 2

If you dyed yourself blonde, and over time your hair has acquired a reddish tint, then this can also be dealt with. Get a special tint with a purple tint. It will tint the reddishness, and your hair will acquire a beautiful silvery sheen. Just keep the composition on your head for no more than a minute. Otherwise, instead of silvery reflections, you will get a bright blue.

Step 3

When a red color appears as a result of unsuccessful dyeing, you can try to color your hair again. Just wait one and a half to two weeks so as not to injure the curls. To hide the redhead, you need to give your hair a darker color. The darker the paint you choose, the more likely the reddish color will be eliminated.

Step 4

If you cannot remove the red color on your own, contact a beauty salon. An experienced hairdresser will wipe out for you. In this case, a special composition is used, similar to a hair bleaching agent. Only with it can you remove the redhead completely. And after one and a half - two weeks, after the hair is restored a little, you can dye your hair in any color you like.

Step 5

So that the result of staining is not a surprise for you, it is better to use the services of a hairdresser. Experienced masters know what effect dyes have on different types of hair. In this case, you will be able to avoid unnecessary reddishness, you will have a guarantee that the hair along the entire length will dye the same, and the gray hair will be completely hidden. Therefore, if you decide to change drastically, it is still better to trust professional stylists.

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